Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My resolution for 2008 is to have RM1,000,000 in my bank

Haha. Yes. Before you ter-laugh or roll up your sleeves to type us a speedy comment that says "You gila ar?", the two superheroes would like to say "Yes. RM1,000,000!"

No. We're not joining "Who wants to be a Millionaire".

No. We're not buying 4D or Toto tickets or lumba kuda tickets until we pokai (end up penniless) this year in hope of hitting the jackpot.

New year resolutions what. Aim for the big fish, at least even if you cannot get, you can get the ikan bilis (anchovies). It's the new year. New year means yet another 12 months of the calender for us to earn RM1,000,000.

Aim high high, at least can get RM10,000 also good mah.
Isn't it true?? Btw, we welcome donations as well.. :p

We're optimistic people. At least we dare to dream. *looks up towards the sky*

But before we get started, our most urgent wish for this year is to get well soon, 100%. Superhero W is still coughing while Superhero S is nursing a raging sore throat. Urgh.

Hope everyone enjoyed a wonderful New Year's Day! :p


hcfoo said...

Dreams to come true if we really for our heart for it. All the best!

twosuperheroes said...

Yup, we've set ourselves a goal this year and we will do all we can to achieve it..heh positive... :p

Thanks, hcfoo! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

I agree with superheroes.. we must always aim high in life...I wish both of you every success in making it all come true..and hope you are fully recovered from you bout of flu by now :D

twosuperheroes said...

haha..thanks Y! Wishing you success as well and many happy returns this year :p

Erm, we're about 90% recovered now. Haha. Still not 100% yet but working on it.. :p