Thursday, December 13, 2007

Handphone review of Nokia 6300

The two superheroes are not really great word composers of technology stuff, Superhero W maybe but a definite NO for Superhero S. But then again, since parisb specially requested for a review of my new birthday present from my cutie cutie lovable superhero (see related post), I shall write a short and simple review of my Nokia 6300.

I won't say it's a particularly new model from Nokia, really. In fact it came out like 1 year plus ago! Hehe. But what can I say about a classic? It never runs out of trend. It's a CLASSIC! :p

First of all, don't expect technical terms here, because I'm an IT idiot. I only know how to weave my words together that's all. Okay, here goes...

NOKIA 6300 is... terlampau bagus, hebat sehingga tak terkata, too fantastic, incredibly excellent, simply phenomenal, hen-hau, fei xiong hou, mou tak teng, muchisimo bueno, and all other words of similar meaning...!

That's it.

That's my review. Thanks for reading! :p


ParisB said...

LOL!! Thanks for your review. :) I ended up with the Samsung D900i but I've heard lots of good things about the Nokia 6300

twosuperheroes said...

Oh, that samsung slide! It's not bad too. Superhero S told me that she wanted to stick to Samsung too initially (since she's been holding on to her Samsung for a good 2 years, she has grown a liking to the brand).

But then, she suddenly wanted a fresher look and a different brand, which explains my Nokia choice for her! :D