Monday, December 10, 2007

DURIAN, come here to daddy!

Haha. For the weekends, the two superheroes went back home to Malacca. And Superhero S's Superhero Mom's friend gave us this cute, spiky green fruit called....


Superhero S looks in horror while Superhero W grins.

Superhero S isn't particularly very comfortable with the fruit invading the safe regions of her home. She once got a massive food poisoning after having eaten the brilliant food combination of durian and "tong yuen" (because she was so hungry at that time and she couldn't find any other food at home!)

On the contrary, it has been a while since Superhero W last ate that vicious fruit! Which explains his grin really. Superhero Mom karate-d open the durian and Superhero W sat down on a nice chair happily eating the durian.

Not wanting to miss the commotion, Superhero S lurked behind Superhero W and saw that he was enjoying the fruits of Mom's labour. Hmmph. Where can. I must wallop that durian and get rid of my durian-0-phobia once and for all!

And so, I ate, he ate and the durian was gone! Haha. :p


anthraxxxx said...

Ahh durians. I love them when I was a kid but hate them to the core after I grew up. Ironic eh, don't you think? :)

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...anthraxxxx. I'm sure Superhero W can understand your love-hate relationship with the durian. He used to love mandarin oranges when he was a kiddo but ironically after he grew up, he couldn't make himself to touch a single orange! Imagine. Must be the same with your case eh...hehehe... :p