Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Spicy Chicken McDeluxe + Grilled Chicken Foldover = WOW!

The two superheroes had lunch last week at their usual McD @ Ampang Park after having refrained from eating McD for a while now. Hehe. Gotta control fast food intake! Don't want to get traumatized after an overdose of fast food! :p

Superhero W ordered his fav Spicy Chicky McDeluxe while Superhero S ordered the healthier Grilled Chicky Foldover. I was missing the Foldover, so it's really just about the best time to gobble it down! Haha. Yummy...

Superhero W asked me whether I wanted the Beef Foldover or the Chicky one. But after having thought about how sucky his double cheeseburger was, I decided that I'll stick to Burger Kings if I wanted to eat any kind of beefy burger or sth. Better play safe and order the chicky one. :p

Overall, it was a nice lunch on an extremely boring undercover work day! I feel so alive now!