Sunday, November 4, 2007

The best place to have lunch (cheap & yummy!!!)

This time around, lemme introduce you to our favourite lunch spot ever in this little place called Serdang where Superhero S used to study for her superpowers! The locals here call this certain foodie place "Padang" , and I'm sure those of you who are familiar with this area would definitely know where it is.

curry beef, my favourite ikan keli bakar and a whole lot of vege

Over at Padang, there's like 3-4 Malay stalls selling pretty much the same thing, which is nasi berlauk (economy rice). Well, for those who have never really tasted a genuine Malay cuisine, this is the place to go -- and at a very very very cheap cost! Oh yeah...hehe. But remember to go to the right stall for the best food there! (*wink wink)

fried chicky (Superhero W's fav) and ikan pari masak merah

You can take a look from the pics at what he had for lunch! Our plates were just so full with dishes that you can barely see the rice! No joke...! The portion for each dish was really really big! We had curry beef, my favourite ikan keli bakar (baked fish), fried chicky (Superhero W's fav), ikan pari masak merah (spicy sting ray), a whole lot of vege and 2 cups of drink! (oh! omg...!) And you know how much we had to pay???

Get this...ONLY RM9.50 !!!!

So cheap! Where to get I ask you...hehe. :p