Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fight between Blogs - Round 3 (Latest results!)

Okay okay..

The two superheroes Vs. Andrew Ooi for the blog with the most visitors in Nov!

Ting Ting! Round 3!


77 visitors over 66!!!

The two superheroes 77, Andrew Ooi 66!!

Superheroes win! (applause please...*clap clap clap clap!) hehe.

Having lost by a small margin in Round 2 (see related post), the two superheroes have fought back to regain a winning position in Round 3! haha. (Fuh! Tough fight...)

But Andrew Ooi being the sifu after all, the two superheroes must not be too happy with their small win here...(We are modest people) :p

So the fight continues as the two superheroes will continue to bring you the latest results in Round 4! hehe. (Go! Go!)