Saturday, November 3, 2007

(UPDATE) Gmail In Your Handphone...

Hi guys, just wondering. Do you all know about a Gmail Software that can be installed into your handphone? ... Well, I've been using it for about 1 month rite now.. So, I will give some preview about what this little software can do to enhance your Internet Life!

Hello.. so today, as I've promised you last nite.. I'm going to tell u a little bit about how to setup GMail in your handphone. Actually, it involves only a few easy steps.

1. You must have a connection in your phone ( GPRS, 3G or others ) - please contact your network provider about this
2. At your phone, go to this url :
3. When it has finished loading, you will see a link - ">> Get faster GMail" - select that link
4. After that, it will direct you a download page whereby you will select the link to download the application ( Gmail will automatically detect your handphone model )
5. When it has finished downloading, it will ask your permission to install the application.div>

6. So just like that, GMail has been installed into your phone. It's really easy - Google meh! :)

So, when the GMail is launched in your phone, the first page will be the login page --->

Log on to your GMail account and then it will prompt you to receive data from GMail - just select "Yes" :D

<--- Then, it will download all the data - your email database -from your current GMail account. And from there, you can browse your email within a matter of time :D

Hope this post will help! :D
Oh, btw..sorry for the rather blurred pics..haha (*blush blush...)


Jasonmumbles said...

I have been using it for a really long time already. :D Nice, especially when you are in 3G area, fast.

maria said...

I know that. but I never tried it before, so hope to see your detailed how to install gmail in handphones

footiam said...

No makan-makan ah? By the way, like to tag you for a meme, Friday Feast at
Leave a link there, will you? You can participate in Green Thumb Sunday too if you like, at

twosuperheroes said...

to jason - hahhaa, it is good rite.. very easy to use and then wherever u are, u still can check your mail ( but for sure must have network connection la )

to maria - so u must try, I list down how to setup it in ur handphone ( it easy one )

to footiam - yesterday we had makan, you can read it here. Tq for the tag