Saturday, November 3, 2007

Advertlets is okay now! (Phew!)

A couple of days back, "A Tale of Two Superheroes" experienced really slow loading time and some of our readers (and even Superhero S herself) has complained about that. So, Superhero W being the macho man, decided to flex his finger muscles and tried looking for the source of the problem. It turned out that Advertlets may be the cause, resulting in our blog to not being able to load properly (see related post).

But, we just want to say that "Advertlets is okay now!" but we really hope things like that will not repeat itself again or even be happening regularly. After Superhero W posted about his problems concerning Advertlets, we received a feedback from Josh Lim who is with Advertlets. Thanks, Josh for your swift response to problems relating to Advertlets.

So, after all the hoo-haa...our blog has recovered and is now okay. What a relief! :)