Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fight between Blogs : Round 2 (Latest results!)

As the two superheroes have accepted a challenge of blogs from Andrew Ooi , problogger and sifu, these are the latest results as calculated from the Sitemeter! The two are competing for the blog with the most visitors for the month of November!! (clap clap...)

Ting Ting! Round 2...


The results?

100 visitors over 98!

Aiyak...Andrew Ooi 100, the two superheroes 98 (We lose this round!)

Good fight! Haha...

TwoSuperheroes Site Meter

AndrewOoi Site Meter

Let you win la, Andrew Ooi...! :p

But everyone, fear not for our two friendly neighbourhood superheroes as they will step up their game and attempt to win the next round! (Go! Go!) :)

Stay tuned for the next result!