Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Famous Steamboat at Restaurant Hoi Tong, Seri Kembangan

The two superheroes sure had a great weekend! After Superhero S' experiment with Chinese Fried Rice, we also went to makan steamboat on a cold, rainy day!!! OMG. This is heaven! :p

We've been following Jason's mumblings and noticed that he's been taking his adventures to Seri Kembangan. That area used to be Superhero S's favourite place to lepak because she used to study at UPM (I love UPM!). So we decided to head over there to my favourite steamboat restaurant! Haha.

Now, for those uninitiated, Seri Kembangan is a place that is loaded with lotsa Chinese foodie that are not only super delicious but also relatively cheap as compared to those found in KL. And you've got to really know every nook and corner of the area to find your favourite restaurants no thanks to the messy town planning over at Seri Kembangan.

Restaurant Hoi Tong
is famous for their great selection of foodie for the steamboat there. If you're a seafood fanatic, I'm sure you're going to love the big big prawns here and the crabs. The people here are really generous with their seafood!

And they have the super duper nicely honey marinated chicken wings and chicken drummets, and the spicy marinated sting rays, fishies and of course my most loved, fishy eggs!!!

Their soup base is excellent, with the tomyam soup so fiery it's making us feel hot hot hot. The clear soup was really delicious as well, with a very strong hint of the sweet kei chi. Yummm... And we absolutely love the BBQ part where they actually provide us with little banana leaves for us to BBQ our foodies.

But the thing about steamboat is, you just don't settle for 1 round of makan-makan. Where can? Not worth it oh! Buffet you know?! Haha. Just check out the crowd lining up to stock up on their steamboat.

And so, we'll go for our 2nd round, and if we're lucky, our 3rd round. But on this occasion, our tummies got busted on the 2nd round itself. OMG. We were so excited seeing all the crab meat, little hot dogs, the mushrooms, the fishballs, the this, the that... that by the time we were halfway into the 2nd round, we totally cannot handle already! :p

We can barely stomach the remaining foodie on the table when Superhero S decided to do what everyone does best at steamboat buffets. Haha. *whispers* hide the food!! :p

And just look at the aftermath of our meal.

This place is still as popular as ever with the crowd here, and beware... parking is seriously difficult here. Good luck! But at RM21.80 per person, any trip here is worth it! :p

I don't even know how to guide you the way here because this place is absolutely hidden. But if you're familiar with Seri Kembangan, take the turning into Bukit Serdang, go straight all the way, and turn right when you see the signboard SK 13. Go straight again till the end and the restaurant is on your left.


Jasonmumbles said...

Looks awfully familiar. Think I have been there.

twosuperheroes said...

haha...I'm sure you have, since you've been exploring around Seri Kembangan area. :p

willchua said...

At 1st glance i thought u are holding a rat on your chop stick. When i look carefully, it's a big prawn. LOL

twosuperheroes said...

hwah! rat??? OMG. ahhahaha.
Will, if it were really some rat, you wouldn't by any chance at all see me holding it like that, ok!?! :p