Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Curry puff frenzy at IKEA

The two superheroes simply love IKEA.

And I believe most people would love IKEA too. Haha. :p

That place is a humongous furniture heaven for kids and families alike, even superheroes!

On a beautiful Sunday noon, we flew to IKEA in an attempt to hunt down a small little low table, a brand new office chair and some kitchen utensils. And we couldn't have chosen a better time to go shopping in IKEA. OMG. There wasn't any parking left and we had to park at the Curve instead. Luckily the ticket was cheap, flat rate RM3. *nearly sweats*

So once at IKEA, the first thing we did was to fly over to their snacks corner. If you're in IKEA, you have gotta try their curry puffies. Priced at RM1 per piece, you get a large hot curry puffie with loads and loads of mashed potatoes, chicky bits and egg bits filled inside. So worth it! :p

Better still, take their combo set. At RM2, you get a curry puffie and a refillable soft drink! Yeah. Now you can drink all you want! Muahahahahaaaa.... :p

So of course we went for the combo, plus an additional curry puffie. The drinks can share share mah, since it's free flow anyway. The queue was pretty long but thanks to the fast working IKEA staff at the counter, we didn't have to wait long.

You might want to try out their self-service hot dog as well, priced at RM2. We tried it out the last time and it was really really fun putting on the sauces yourself. We love the mustard, little pickles and chilli sauce! *grins*

After the light brunch, we shopped, and shopped, AND shopped at IKEA till we drop and just before we went back, we decided to tapau MORE curry puffies because the 2 puffies we had earlier on just wasn't enough. Haha. And so, Superhero W went into the long long queue (because the q has gotten much longer now) and came out with...

Half a dozen of curry puffies!!!
OMG. Yummmy!!! :p


Ice cream!! OHHH.... just what we needed after downing those hot hot puffies. Priced at RM1, you can almost see everybody in IKEA holding one! Haha.

We love IKEA... *swoons*


KaV said...

aikks.. IKEA masuk bisnes jual makanan kah?!!!!

L'abeille said...

Yeah, that's a 'must-haves' whenever X-T and I drop by Ikea..

They're now putting the puffs in paperbags? No more yellow cute boxes for those lovely puffs?

Two Superheroes Clone said...

You should also try the 99 cents breakfast at Ikea. Yes it's only 99 cents. But have to be early la..

babe_kl said...

mmm my utmost fave curry puff!

twosuperheroes said...

hahahah...kav, biasalah. Bila IKEA masuk blog superhero, mesti sudah tukar jadi jual makanan! :p

yeah lor, adik l'abeille. No more the cute cute boxes already. I was complaining that to Superhero W also. Save cost kua.. :p

wah clone! I thought we ZAPPP you already. hahaha... 99 cents ar? What do we get? :)

yeah babe, totally yummylicious right?? hahahah... the puffies were all stuffed till they are full with fillings! :p