Thursday, October 18, 2007

Curry Puff and Hot Dog @ IKEA

Just as soon as Superhero W touched down at LCCT, the superhero family were reunited and all geared up for a full day of "action-packed" holiday the next day. So just yesterday, the two superheroes were in IKEA, Sweden's furniture mega store for some shopping.

Our first stop? IKEA's food & beverage corner.
Can you believe these two superheroes actually went to IKEA and headed straight for the food instead of the furniture? Hai....hopeless. Tsk tsk tsk.
So, we bought 2 of those extra large, delicious curry puffs packed with potato and chicken fillings and a slice of boiled egg, priced at RM1 each and of course, the DIY hot dog set with a cup of soft drink (priced at RM3). Superhero S filled the hot dog with the sweet pickles, a little bit of mustard and chilli sauce. So all in all, RM5 to get us ready for our next big meal over at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara.

We walked and walked and walked around IKEA and found out that we didn't have much things to buy actually. Wanted to buy a nice wooden single bed but there weren't many nice choices and the price was not really what we had in mind. So, we walked and walked again and finally said adios to IKEA after buying a measuring spoon (for Superhero S's cooking purposes) and a pack of 3 plastic containers. (...)

Their culinary adventures at the Curve shall remain for now, a secret and will only be revealed when the time is ripe. Heheh.
*Hint hint...there was this girl who was standing on the chair singing a Raya song while we were there.


Anu said...

I had the yummy curry puff's too...yesterday. So yummmy!

twosuperheroes said... could've been the person standing right before us in the line yesterday..haha! Cheers to the curry puff fans!