Friday, October 19, 2007

Don't go to these KFC outlets!!!

Well, don't get us wrong. The two superheroes are not anti-KFC people.
We are fans of Kentucky Fried Chicken, our finger lickin' good chickys!

A couple of posts ago, Superhero S wrote about KFC ("We ate KFC until we got sick! (Wah...)") and the two superheroes were quite surprised by the not-so-positive response we've got. So, to be fair, we are here to give you our side of the story behind KFC.
Melvin commented that KFC has lost its quality control. Well, I have to agree with you on that one, which is why I've decided to tell the rest of the world, "Don't go to these KFC outlets!!!"
But which outlets?
Okay, good question!

Well, Ting once told us that only certain KFC outlets serve you good quality chickys. Very true! Ever since a few encounters with lousy KFC chickys from certain outlets, we nearly gave up on KFC until he told us these 2 rules about eating KFC which is very very VERY true!

Rule #1 : Eat only at KFC outlets which stand on their own. Try to avoid eating KFCs located within shopping malls or along a stretch of shoplots. E.g., KFC near University Malaya (hey, we don't call this our fav joint for nothing, ok? The truth is, the two superheroes will only eat KFC from this particular outlet and try to avoid the others) or even the KFC right after the Sungai Besi Tol Plaza (the one with Dunkin' Donuts as their neighbour)

Rule #2 : Don't eat KFC during weird hours in the day. Eat them during hot hours when they would keep restocking their KFCs and selling them off immediately. That way, you will always have fresh, hot KFCs!

Ever since we adopted these golden rules, our makan-makan adventures at KFC have always been superb!
*Superhero S is very very particular abt her food as mentioned much earlier on in this blog. So, she insists on eating only quality chickys!
Say no to lousy, cold KFCs!


Josh said...

This almost sound like a paid post. KFC is unhealthy , period.

Why even promote it?

twosuperheroes said...

Hey Josh, thanks for your comments. We really appreciate your concerns but we wish to say that "heck! why did we even say no to lousy,cold KFCs or even tell you not to go to certain KFC outlets if we are promoting KFC???" If that is a paid post, KFC is going to fry us two superheroes for sure! haha. Anyway, take it easy man! Don't la go and have KFC every single day.

ronald soo said...

ahhahahha i would say all fast food industry have the same problem.... well either their food out of quality of the staff qc quality drop lo...

i seldom eat kfc, mcdonald after that incident i will only eat in... or dont even bother to eat and make my own meal to eat at home...

twosuperheroes said...

Good advice there, Ronald..So ppl, don't eat out so much, ok? Once in a while is ok but take it easy..hehe. Hey, thanks for dropping by!