Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can you slice an apple like we do?

Thanks to our dear Y who introduced this awesome IKEA kitchen equipment for lazy people, the two superheroes decided to get one for themselves -- without even hesistating! Haha. This goes to show lazy the superheroes can actually be.

After seeing how this apple slicer actually work when we did our little experiments, cutting apples will never be the same again. Hahahahha...

And for the first time in superhero history, Superhero S and Superhero W were both fighting to cut apples!!! OMG.

Since we ran out of apples at home, Superhero W flew over to Tesco Ampang to get us 4 big big Fuji Apples! Yeah. Just so that we can experiment on the magic of the apple slicer. Let us show you the entire process of cutting some Fuji Apples with the apple slicer. Sit back and entertain yourself! :p

Step 1: Prepare 2 big big Fuji Apples.

Step 2: Arm yourself with the apple slicer

Step 3: Position your apple slicer atop your apple. By this time, your Fuji apple might be shivering with fear already. Because the other end of the apple slicer looks pretty sharp! Haha.

Step 4: Once your Fuji apple is no longer shivering, push the apple slicer into the apple! Yeah, push it, baby. Push it! Harder! :p

Step 5: Push the apple slicer all the way through and your Fuji apple is now officially... ready to be served! Haha. *wink*

Step 6: Serve your beautifully-sliced Fuji apples.

OH... can't wait for our next apple slicing session!!! Haha.


babe_kl said...

darn i must go get one too. making apple pies/crumble will be a breeze then!

Sleeping Princess said...

Cool! Where to buy the slicer yeah?

Anonymous said... much does it cost ah?

L'abeille said...

You shown me yours, now I wanna get home to show you mine... (wait till i get some apples first har)

I've an apple 'automatic apple peeler.. wanna see? hehe ;)

KaV said...

aiyah... become so malas aledi meh???

btw, i like the table on which u put the plate of apples on. Simple yet elegant.

Two Superheroes Clone said...

Good ! Good ! We see if pasar malam got clone one or not.

If not we go Ikea buy original.

twosuperheroes said...

haha...babe, you should get one lah. Then share share your apple pie recipes! :p

Hey sleeping princess, we got it from IKEA for RM9.90 or sth.. Haha...sorry for leaving out that detail initially. Thanks for reminding us. :p

hey will, erm...RM9.90 if I remember correctly. It's definitely less than RM10. :)

hahhaha...adik L'abeille, faster faster feature your automatic apple peeler..we want to see! *wink*

hey kav, yeahlah..we're memang very lazy people. haha. Oh, that table, we bought it from IKEA too, for RM45 or sth. Nice huh. :p

Weh slicer also want to buy pirated version ar? Hahah..get from IKEA. Original. *grins*

sheryl0202 said...

Thanks for this precious info~ I will go get one too!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey sheryl...small matter lah! Hahah...yeah, go get one and slice some apples! :p

jelly said...

wow for less than rm10 can get something so cool, esp for the lazy ppl. now i think i must go get it also!

twosuperheroes said...

Hey jelly..haha..yeah, go get it! Both Superhero W and me been fighting over control of the apple slicer since the purchase..haha. :p