Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicken Meat

Having taken on a liking for cooking, Superhero S is determined to sharpen her cooking skills and decided to continue experimenting with new dishes to expand her dinner menu. Haha. :p

I've actually been trying to search for the white local taufoo in hypermarkets but just couldn't seem to find any. Frustrated but really feel like eating taufoo (haha), we decided to hell with the white taufoo, just grab the Japanese taufoo lah. Haha. :p

I soaked the Chinese Mushrom overnight because Superhero Mum says the mushrooms need some peace and quiet time alone to release their ultimate mushroom flavours. Fine. And this time around, I bought some spring onion as garnish to make the dish look less dull.

As for the chicky meat, I decided to karate it, chop it and mince it till it is totally inrecognisable. Yes. Haha. So what I'm trying to do here, is to imitate this taufoo dish normally served in sizzling plates with a layer of egg beneath. And this is the best I can do... *wink*

Ta-da! My Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicken Meat.

You can see the mushrooms are all thinly sliced and I've added some red hot chilli padis as well to give it a little kick! Haha. :p

The spring onion provided some life and contrast into this otherwise brown-looking dish. And I love spring onions to be cooked in this way too. Can never take them in their raw form. :p

And this is for dinner, Fried Kangkung & Cabbage with Chilli Padi, Fried Omelette with Big Onions, and of course, the Fried Japanese Taufoo with Minced Chicky Meat. Actually the portion is enough for 3-4 persons, but we both are the kind who eat little rice but a lot of dishes. Haha.

Okay, so what's the verdict of my taufoo dish, Superhero W?
(Superhero S looks menacingly at Superhero W)
"Oh very good...very good! Better than outside food!" *sweats*

Haha. The dish worked out perfectly, with a hint of spicyness from the chilli padi, and lotsa yummy minced chicky to chew on. Absolutely delicious. Only the preparation is slightly tedious because I had to fry the Japanese taufoo first, and put it aside before I proceed to make the sauce, and finally combine them. But the trouble's all worth it! Haha. *drools...*