Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The effect of eating KFC in the morning

On one crazy weekend, the two superheroes planned to use their soon-to-be-expiring McDonald's coupons at McDonald's Kuchai Lama. :p

So, we actually drove all the way from Superhero S's home to Kuchai Lama, which is just like a 10-minute drive away. We were in onother one of our infamous rush hour drives when the time is already showing 10.50 a.m. and we're just getting there, not exactly there yet!

We wanted to make it real badly for McD's breakfast at that point. Faster tekan minyak!!! Oh wait wait, so how did a drive to McD finally ended up at KFC? Haha. We actually made it to McD on the dot at 11.00 a.m. (dramatic!) but somehow, the McD people figured that Superhero W is too fat to eat McD and changed the breakkie menu to the regular one immediately.

Haha. We were going there for their Hotcakes really. Missed it since we had it at LCCT sometime ago. OH Hotcakes!!!! Since we didn't bring the free coupons for the regular meals, no buy 1 Free 1 loh. Dejected, we decided to fly to the KFC just down the road and took revenge on the poor chickens there. *evil grin*

So, just as soon as KFC too changed their menu to their regular chicky menu, Superhero W ordered their Dinner plate for his breakfast (kinda ironic huh? Having DINNER plate for breakfast?! Haha) while Superhero S settled for the Snack plate. Both hot and spicy!

Seriously, both superheroes have never had KFC chicky so early in their lives before. Imagine having to stomach HOT, freshly made KFC chicky when your stomach has in fact just woken up as well. Haha. Dunno our super tummies can stomach the chickys or not! :p

This is our breakfast...

And you know what? We actually enjoyed whacking up the fried chickys actually! So crispy, hot & spicy! OHH...Haha... Not bad wor. I didn't thought my tummy can accept such sinful foodie early in the morning but it actually did!




And Superhero S is now down with a sickening sore throat. *sob... sob...*
I hate sore throat!!!! I promise to be a good good girl from now on and never touch KFC chickys so early in the morning again... and also the Mee Goreng Mamak. Haha. A classic case of "eat first, think later". *sigh*


Paris said...

I can't imagine KFC in the morning but hey who's to say I won't do it some time ;) I love your new layout :D

~ Pink Parisian

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...yeah..KFC in the morning! Cannot stand huh. :p

Oh, hey...thanks Paris! We got bored with the old one, so decided to upgrade to one that looks cleaner and faster to load. Haha. :p

Sheryl said...

your tummy can take it but your throat cannot take it! :p

L'abeille said...

Owww poor thing, too much heaty food eh? Time to boil "leong char" :))

Xanydude said...

hey... do they sell hot cakes at McDs here?

Last time I went to McDs for breakfast at centre point, BU.

I asked for hotcakes from the lady behind the counter and she looked at me as if I was speaking Swahili.

"Apa? Apa itu?"

Was the only response I got.

twosuperheroes said...

hey sheryl, yeah...tummy says ok but throat totally took vengence upon me! Haha.. bad throat! :p

Yeah lor, auntie L'abeille...Just drank lotsa barley. Hope it helps!! Haha. :p

erm, dude...Yeah, they do sell hotcakes now. But that's the mystery really. It somehow wasn't on the breakfast menu but Superhero W told me that the hotcakes are on the value meal menu, the standard menu. Anyone to confirm?