Monday, April 28, 2008

Mee goreng mamak style (my first!)

The two superheroes were once again in the mood for experimental cooking last weekend. Haha. Since there was still half a packet of both the yellow noodles and kuey teow each, Superhero S decided to take our dear Y's special request for a Mee Goreng Mamak! :p

Hugely motivated by our first success in cooking the Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow dish the last time, Superhero S was certainly more confident in executing whatever little cooking skills she may have. Haha. :p

Since we decided to cook this Mee Goreng Mamak at the very last minute, I didn't have much ingredients to play around with. No fried taufoo, no choy sum. Only cabbage, kangkung, Japanese taufoo and some chicky bits. Hey, wait a minute! That should do it! Haha. I can fry fry the mee goreng with a twist huh.

I decided to slice the Japanese taufoo into thin pieces and fry them till they turn golden brown. I figure they gotta be in thin slices because I needed them to have the hard outer layer a la the mamak's fried taufoo. Slicing them into big pieces would risk getting them mashed when I'm frying the noodles later on.

And since there's no choy sum, gotta make use of the kangkung (yes, I know it's a little weird! Haha) and finely slice the cabbage into thin bits. Finely chop some dried shrimps for my chilli paste and prepare some chicky bits (Superhero W must have his daily dose of chicky bits!). Run the yellow mee through warm and cold water, and it's all ready. Time to rumble! Haha.

Dump everything inside the wok... OH! And not forgetting the egg (so that the mee goreng will have eggy bits!)

And... ta-da! My Mee Goreng Mamak!

How? Okay or not? Haha. Looks hot & spicy huh. Because it is!! Haha. Really got kick ah! The Japanese taufoo worked perfectly to replace the usual mamak's fried taufoo. But too bad the kuey teow didn't quite made it in one piece. Haha. Learned a lesson here. Next time, use only yellow noodles. *wink*

Ready to serve :D

I'm quite happy with my Mee Goreng Mamak. But I know there's still room for improvement. Hope to do it much better the second time! Haha. :p


Leopard said...

Wah, skill semakin improve... This week i will be back, so u know wat to do la,........:P

twosuperheroes said...

Biasa ar..soon I can even cook Black Pepper Steak already! :p

L'abeille said...

When are you gonna cook for me eh? hehee

twosuperheroes said...

hahahah...Auntie L'abeille, you should cook for us wor... Someone just baked a beautiful banana cake the other day. *ahem* :p