Friday, April 25, 2008

Pan Mee and Mee Rebus

When the two superheroes are back in Malacca, Superhero S and Superhero Mum would settle for Pan Mee while we would tapau some Mee Rebus for Superhero W because he is still somewhere floating around in his dreams and couldn't join us for breakkie.

The Mee Rebus at Saturday Ice Cafe along Jalan Parameswara is hugely popular with the locals there because of its cheap pricing, large serving and ultra delicious thick mee rebus kuah. This is quite likely the only place where you can still find some foodie that costs RM1.70 in Malacca. But since Superhero W is a big eater, Superhero Mum had to tapau the RM3.00 version. Haha. :p

So after tapau-ing the Mee Rebus, we would head over to this shop opposite Tadika Bandar Hilir (on the same stretch of road) and order our favourite Pan Mee. Technically, I don't think it is Pan Mee but it resembles it. It is actually Mee Hoon Kueh but in the noodles version. Superhero Mum calls it kau min (in Cantonese)

The auntie selling the Pan Mee is a family friend, so... we need only to wink at her and she knows what we want! Haha. Regular customers mah. The Pan Mee has lotsa fried anchovies, choy sum, porky bits and chinese mushroom bits.

Very tasty and just perfect if you want to start the day with something light. Some of her other yummy specialties are Wan Tan Mee, Dumplings and also Red Wine Mi Suah, all of which are highly recommended too. Haha. :p

You see, Malacca just never runs out of delicious foodie! *grins*


missironic said...

Yeah, malacca's food rocks! tat saturday ice cafe has been existing since my mum schooling days till my schooling days...really frm generation to generation..and yet its popularity still remains..but i tink compared to my mum's time, now not really flooded wif ppl there...

but, watever it is..malacca still can find cheap food that cost rm2! ooh..i love my hometown! alwiz make me miss the food when im away. =D

twosuperheroes said...

hey're a Malaccan ar? Same same. Haha. High 5!

Yeah, I've heard from my superhero mum the cafe has been there for a long long time. My primary and secondary schools are nearby there too.. :p