Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow (my first!)

Thanks to the success of their Spicy Chicken with Mushroom recipe, the two superheroes have decided to modify it for a simple fried noodles-kuey teow dish of their own, based on Superhero Mum's style of mee goreng basah.

Just like how I've never cooked a simple Fried Rice before, I have also never tried my hands at cooking any fried noodles dish. Haha. Not confident you see. But on our last grocery trip to Tesco Ampang, I bravely chucked 1 pack of yellow noodles and 1 pack of kuey teow into our shopping cart and went home with it. At that moment, I was so proud of myself! Hahahahha... :p

Okay, so back home, I took out my big big Abalone Mushrooms and carefully shredded it into smaller pieces before preparing the rest of the ingredients -- lotsa finely chopped garlic and some super duper powerful cili padi. Haha. I had to get rid of some of their seeds (not all, otherwise no more kick!) because Superhero Mum said they're not good for us.

But since we're dealing with yellow mee here, Superhero W told me specifically to run it through hot and cold water to wash off the "kapur" taste to it. After doing so, time to rumble!! Haha. Whack everything in the wok, and here's a look at it.

Based on my recollection of how my Superhero Mum's mee goreng basah looks like, mine comes almost 99% identical. Haha. :p

And the end result is... ta-da!

My first Spicy Fried Noodles-Kuey Teow dish!
Lotsa Japanese choy sum, chicky bits and abalone mushrooms. OMG. I did it! Haha.

Everything was just perfect -- the taste, the colour.

It was exactly how my Superhero Mum's mee goreng basah tasted like, only mine comes with a hint of spicyness! YAY!!! :p

Now, what else haven't I tried. Maybe can try frying those dry Spicy Mee Goreng huh, using sambal, bean sprout and dried shrimps! *grins*


babe_kl said...

i can feel the fire! so terror la you guys these days :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

supes, do try the mee mamak style. i really like that one...wah.. making myself hungry already just thinking about it :D

twosuperheroes said...

ahahhaha..babe..you make me blush blush lah! haaha.. Still a long way to go to reach your level! :p

Yeah lor Y...I also thought of trying out that style!! haha.. Maybe can try sometime soon since still got some of the noodles and kuey teow left! *wink* :p

Leopard said...

Nice, can't wait to try some:D

twosuperheroes said...

haha...no prob! Confirm finger lickin' good! :p