Monday, April 21, 2008

Spicy Chicken with Mushroom dish

Okay. Sorry for the strange name. Haha. I really don't know what is supposedly the name of this dish and I'm bad at naming dishes anyway. :p

Superhero S decided to experiment with some chicky dishes at home to expand my dinner menu. Since Superhero Mum gave me some dried mushrooms a few weeks ago, I decided to use the mushrooms to make this chicky dish.

Superhero Mum ordered me to soak the mushrooms overnight to give it sufficient time to release its super mushroom flavours. Haha. Next, time to get the other ingredients ready - lotsa finely chopped garlic, finely sliced ginger and some red hot super duper chilli padis (that got my hands really hot and spicy as well!)

And ta-da! My Spicy Chicken with Mushroom! Hahaha.. :p

Sorry for the lack of presentation here. But the dish is absolutely superb! I've never tried cooking this before, and to actually succeed at the first attempt it sooo very lucky! OH thank goodness. Haha. :p

The taste was very mushroomy because I used the water used to soak the mushrooms overnight as the sauce. Add on some oyster sauce, thick soy sauce and some corn flour, the sauce is complete! And thanks to the very wonderful chilli padi and ginger, the sauce even had a hint of spicyness in it. *grins*

And dinner is served. Fried kangkung with chilli padi, Omelette with big onion and Spicy Chicken with Mushroom. Fantastic combo for home-cooked dinner! Haha. *drools*


Quickening said...

I love mushroom dishes. These look great! In fact, I think I'll go get a pack tomorrow. ;)

PS: That's not an odd name at all. If you want a really strangely named dish, I got one called 'Chicken Die Standing'. One of my mom's (strangely successful) experiments.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey quickening! hahah...You serious?? Chicken Die Standing?? hahahha. Now that's an ODD one :p