Friday, May 2, 2008

Ginger with Spring Onion Chicken

Another personal favourite, Superhero S simply adores this chicky dish!! After having tasted one of the best ones around at the two superheroes' favourite Chinese stall at Pulau, Superhero S decided to cook this dish herself.

Yeah! If this succeeds, then the next time I crave for some Ginger with Spring Onion Chicken, I don't have to fly all the way to Pulau at Jalan Semarak, KL. So I bought a whole big bunch of the spring onions from Tesco, and even an entire chicky! Haha. :p

Since we obviously couldn't stomach an entire chicken, Superhero S took only 3 big pieces of the chicky for this dish and stored the rest for another meal. There wasn't much to prepare for this dish really - finely-chop some garlic for flavour, thinly-slice the ginger and some devilish red chili padi for the kick, and of course, the whole load of spring onions for the oomph and garnishing. *wink*

Whack everything inside the wok, and there you have it! Ginger with Spring Onion Chicken!

So how is it??? Haha. I kinda like the beautiful colour to the dish, really. There's the brown colour from the sauce, the bright red from the chili padi (though not quite obvious from the pic!), the green from the spring onion and yellow from the ginger! I've started to learn that making your dishes look attractive IS in fact as important as it is for the dish to taste good.

Compared to Pulau's version of the Ginger with Spring Onion dish, Superhero W said mine fares better wor! *blushing* Yes, I know he's trying to make me happy. Haha.

Cannot wait to experiment more dishes soon! OHHH.... Next time can cook try cooking the Kung Poh Chicken huh. *ahem* Any help with the recipe would be nice too... haha. :p


ronald soo said...

wah... i miss this so much... lately busy no time to cook

but this reminds me of cooking ahahhahah will do afterwards

twosuperheroes said...

hey ronald...haha...yeah, cooking can be kinda therapeutic at times too..calms you faster2 go and cook now! :p