Wednesday, January 9, 2008

MAXIS USB Broadband, no more complaint for you ..

### UPDATE ###
Tomorrow, superhero W will write the technical post about this Maxis broadband. How fast it is at my area and some good n bad using this maxis broadband. And plus the price tag for their services. See ya..

You're unbelievable. We hated you, we complaint about how sucky the people promoting you at the Maxis Centre were (the customer service) and we can't believe that in the end, we were actually meant for each other! Tell me about a love-hate relationship this one!

We took a gamble, with a calculated risk actually. Haha.

After being played around like a fool by Streamyx and got rejected in the end, and got snubbed by TIME (Time???), we went back to Maxis, whipped out RM100, closed out eyes and gave it away to Maxis. Haiyah, 'die-die' lah!

That was our last 'reliable' choice. Superhero W brought back to Superhero S's home, the tiny baby. "Really, it's a modem" written on its paperback. How cute. After much prayers, we plugged the baby into the PC and waited. After a few more bla-bla with 1800 tol free line with Maxis about its installation (the customer service was surprisingly better this time around, maybe because we actually BOUGHT the USB already!), WE WERE CONNECTED TO THE WORLD!!!

At 3.6 Mbps!!!!! Arhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

We were so happy. Couldn't describe the moment any better. After all the misery and trouble, we ended up with the Maxis USB Broadband. Life couldn't get any stranger.

With top internet speed of 3.6Mbps, combined with its mini size of barely 3 inches in width, 1 inch in height and maybe 1/2 inch in thickness, not to mention its easy plug & play features... We seriously dunno what to say!

Yeah, we love you now, Maxis! Haha. :p

P/S: But one thing we realized about our connection is that, we get disconnected every now and then, but with only a few secs to reconnect to the constant 3.6Mbps, we've got no complaints. Zip!



KY said...

connected at 3.6Mbps, but how fast can you actually download a big file?

twosuperheroes said...

I admit that the speed still not as fast as 3.6Mbps.. The download speed is around 900kps to 1200kbs(1.2Mbps)..

but I can use P2P and can download some torrent. on the first day, I download 2 korean drama from VEOH (using P2P) - 700MB each took around 4hrs.. So, quite ok for me :D

but just 4 reminder, plz dun expect so much from maxis coz we also hate maxis b4 this.

email2me said...

Becareful ...... there is a small lettering under the terms and condition mentioning that there are bandwidth usage limits not exceeding 6GB if not mistaken. Careful if you use it on P2P. It kills ....

I am using the RM120 unlimited package and manage to download at the top speed 170kbps. In SS2 I get 140kbps. Speed differs depending how far between you and the transmission point.

twosuperheroes said...

yeah, i aware about it.. but I think they reduced it ald.. it become 3GB only.. Last time, I juz wanna try to use P2P or Torrent.. so, I just have to monitor it using the software they gave me.. :D

thanx btw

twosuperheroes said...

becoz of we received a few replies about the Maxis broadband's performance and details, so superhero W will write a post about it today or tomorrow la. Just give us time to evaluate this tiny cute Modem :D

hcfoo said...

I have no complain and my siblings no complain. So we are okay with Maxis Broadband and 3G too.

twosuperheroes said...

yeah hcfoo, we agreed.. but to be fair to the others ( coz b4 we subscribe Maxis, a lot lot lot people complaint bout Maxis ) ...

I read a compilation of the good n bad comments at someone blog.. so, need to be aware of that, which is there's a lot of things u need to know b4 u proceed to subcribe Maxis BB

email2me said...

Overall OK la .... the bad part is that the upload is really really sucks. I am a food blogger which uploads plenty of photos and videos.

I can write a post in 15 minutes on Streamyx and on Maxis I need 35 minutes for writing the same post.

twosuperheroes said...

yeah email2me.. i think bcoz of u only enjoy EDGE speed only.. so, dats y u took quite a long time to upload ur images.. We are same, but maybe my area has 3G coverage so I get better connection. Nvm, i hope maxis will enhance their services. So we can enjoy more speed :D

zeehannasseri said...

I don't think there's a download limit for the usb modem, the limit only applies to the bulky one i.e 3GB, not the usb.

twosuperheroes said...

yeah zeehannasseri..

thanx for the update.. actually I forgot to update the post :D

USB Maxis Broadband modem - Unlimited Bandwidth Usage :D