Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Need supply of wines or beers for CHINESE NEW YEAR?

Well, in just about a month from now, the Chinese around the world will be celebrating their New Year. So are the two superheroes!

Superhero S to be exact, but since they are inseparable, Superhero W tags along and will be celebrating it for the first time together with the whole Superhero clan in Malacca... Yay!

So on every Chinese New Year, Superhero S would be scouting around wine shops or well, even the supermarkets (last resort) to look for some good wine or beer to complement the reunion dinner on the night before new year.

But this year, looks like things are looking so much easier than before. I was thinking about joining clubs that would have my supply delivered to my doorstep. That way, I wouldn't need to rush to the shops and grab whatever that's left! Yes! Saves all the trouble. :p

Okay, so I was thinking about joining the Beer of the Month Club or maybe even the Wine of the Month Club to get my supply of good, quality beers and wines. What do you think about tasting exquisite rare elegant wines from Italy like the Pinot Grigio, or even the smooth and crisp Pilsner beer from Whitefish, Montana? Whets your appetite, ain't it? Haha. Now that's what we're talking about.

There's even the Cigar of the Month Club that allows members the privilege to enjoy the pleasure of some really rare tobacco. You can also send the membership as a gift to close friends who actually appreciates cigars, likewise for the Beer and Wine of the Month Club!

Time to get my supply... :p