Tuesday, January 8, 2008


The two superheroes were in a sorry state a few days back. We've been riding high and low trying to get an internet connection for Superhero S's home but we're not getting much help from neither Streamyx, Time nor Maxis.

I couldn't believe it that there's actually such thing as NOT EVERYONE CAN HAVE STREAMYX! What the *tut*??? Haha. I'm very surprised! If we've got a choice, I wouldn't even want to go back to Streamyx. Hmmph.

Superhero W called their customer service to get them to install an internet connection in Dec and eventually got played around by their reseller people and we ended up with a bogus application.

Then Superhero W had to go to the nearest TM Point at lunch hour to lodge a complaint and to get that bloody Streamyx by himself. After filling up the application form, we were informed by the TM people that we wouldn't get any Streamyx at Superhero S's place because it's not covered by TM. Huh?? He suggested Superhero W to go to Maxis or TIME (Time???)

But Superhero W just came from Maxis (remember our infamous complaint?? see here). Why like that? We had to call Superhero S's apartment's management to know which line covers her apartment. They said "TIME". OMG. Time?

Fine. We called Time. Many many times. NOBODY ever picks up their customer service line! We get passed here and there but ended up speaking to no one. *nearly fainting by now*

Finally, the two superheroes decided to take a drastic action. A risk like never before.

Stay tuned to find out if the two superheroes would ever get a blady internet connection after all the nightmare!


Adlina said...

All the hassle... is why I don't deal with the people of TM physically. I applied for Streamyx online, which gave me the rebate for the first month, so I only paid for the installation and 2nd month. Two days after applying online, they called asking if I'm home cuz they want to come over and install the modem. I'm in Kelantan, by the way. Hope your problem is settled soon~

twosuperheroes said...

Wow..you're really lucky adlina to have escaped all the horrifyingly bad service from TM. Good to hear that your Streamyx application went well, unlike ours. Bogus applications and rejected applications...couldn't get any more worse..haha.. :p

Li said...

TM Streamyx din cover my house area for years too & I had to deal with their slow dial up. But now I use streamyx. Haha. Sooner or later they'll cover your area too. Takes them awhile tho.

twosuperheroes said...

Well, Li..I guess TM won't be covering Superhero S's place anymore because it's already been covered by TIME. Sad reality. :p