Monday, January 7, 2008

2 Large Bubur Ayam McD & 1 Grilled Chicken Foldover, please?

Yes, the two superheroes were sick when they were back in Malacca. And despite being a Malaccan, Superhero S often finds it all too difficult to look for suitable food to makan if at anytime we were to get sick and Superhero Mum isn't around to pamper us with home-cooked food.

So, since they should be eating porridge and food that are not heaty, there's only one place that she could think off that fulfills our requirements. Haha. Don't roll your eyes! I'm a lousy Malaccan! I seriously had no idea where to find porridge during dinner time! I know there's the famous one near Renaissance Hotel but we were too lazy to go that "far". Haha. Excuses. :p

We decided to tapau (take away) 2 large Bubur Ayam McDs and 1 Grilled Chicky Foldover (the next 'healthiest' choice of meal in McD) at the Dataran Pahlawan McD drive-thru and went home straight to feast on our food. All ala carte. No fries. No soft drinks. *sigh* :p