Monday, February 18, 2008

Straits Seafood Corner or Madam Fatso @ Melaka Raya

All the time, Superhero Mum would be playing chef to cook us our favourite dishes for the reunion dinner. But this time around, the two superheroes and my Superhero Bros decided to treat my Superhero Mum out for a dinner in a restaurant! :p

Which other restaurant to go other than Straits Seafood Restaurant or more fondly called as Madam Fatso Restaurant at Melaka Raya, right in the middle of Malacca town! Finding this restaurant should be an adventure by itself if you are not familiar with the area. Located deep inside Melaka Raya, you can view the sea from here! :)

Since the restaurant is owned by Superhero Mum's good friend, of course we enjoyed special service! Hehe...Okay, back to the food. This is what we had for our 2nd reunion dinnner -- this time, spent with my Superhero Grandma, Superhero Auntie, my Superhero Bro's Gf, my Superhero Bros, Superhero Mum, and of course the two superheroes. :p

There's always the Prawn Rolls to keep our hands and mouth occupied while waiting to be served.. hehe.. :p

So first on the menu, Yee Sang!!! Hehe..Superhero W's first time eating yee sang.

Next came the Four Seasons dish. Super duper yummy!

Then Shark's Fin with Crabmeat.. Lotsa crabmeat uh...

Fishy Steamed in Sauce. Everyone seem to love this dish a lot! Sekejap sudah abis. :p

"Tin kai" in Sweet Sauce (I'm not sure whether to translate "tin kai" as frog or toad or... Hehe)

Chicken dish fried with lotsa Garlic Strands...

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushroom...

And finally, there's also the dessert..But I was too full to get my butt off the chair to take a picture of it! Haha... :p

Overall, the food is really really good! But most importantly...I knew everyone had a great time.. That is what matters the most. :)

Let's hope next year's reunion dinner can only get better! :p


Quickening said...

Oooo, so that's what folks eat at a reunion dinner. I had shark's fin once and I really missed it (of couse with my family gone environmental-mental... *sigh*).

PS: Saaaaay... promoting your mom's friend's restaurant? :D

twosuperheroes said...

haha...I miss those shark's fin too..yummy! Oh quickening, my mom's friend's restaurant doesn't need my promo anymore..haha..cos they're already established! :p