Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yuuuuum seng!

This Chinese New Year has indeed been one of the best ones Superhero S have had of recent years. Ever since Superhero Dad flew to a planet far far away a few years back, the family's reunion dinner never felt quite the same anymore...until this year!

This year, we had 2 reunion dinners instead of the usual 1. Haha. More food certainly makes the two superheroes more happy. But this year, Chinese New Year dinners were well spent with MORE family members and finally some relatives too.. The dinner tables are more full, and there are certainly more conversations going around...and more happiness as well. :)

So this year, for our first reunion dinner the day before Chinese New Year, Superhero Mum cooked sooooooo many dishes for the family.

Of course there's the Steamed Chicken...

Fishy in Dark Sauce...

Curry Chicken (especially for Superhero W)

The must-have "All-Vegetarian dish"...

Water Spinach "Kangkung" Fried with Garlic
(especially for Superhero W too)

Braised Sea Cucumber with Mushrooms
... (love those jelly-like sea cucumbers!)

And finally, everyone's all-time favourite soup, Lotus Root with Pig's Stomach!*tak halal yeah..*

What a spread eh...which is why, Superhero S loves reunion dinners the most. Lotsa FOOD... and lotsa warmth... :p

Hope you too enjoyed a great reunion dinner! Yuuuuum seng! :p
P/S :This reunion post certainly came a bit late..haha..we had such a food marathon in Malacca that it took us a while to get this post out! Better late than never rite?! :p


Johnny Ong said...

i did have lotus root soup (with sotong/chicken) thrown in. my fav soup indeed.

twosuperheroes said...

hey johnny, haha..same here! It's my fav soup to old cucumber soup. :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

Wah..they are all my favorite home-cooked dishes.. the curry chicken and the sea cucumber.. wah.. I have not had that for a long long time already. Superhero S.. you must cook that if we ever have a potluck with some of the other bloggers in future yeah?

twosuperheroes said...

haha..haven't tried cooking that sea cucumber dish on my own yet wor, Y..But curry chicken no prob.. *wink wink* . But I want your chocolate chip cookies and oreo cheese cake in exchange.. haha. :p