Thursday, June 26, 2008

Fried Broad Noodles with Fish Cake Slices

After taking a break from eating for a day, the two superheroes are back in action! Doing the very simple thing that they do best. Haha. Oh yeah, give us our foodie! :p

And so, Superhero S decided to fry some noodles. Inspired by the foodie that she used to bring to school during her school uniform days for recess time, she decided to attempt to cook this really simple fried noodle dish her Superhero Mum used to fry early in the morning before packing the food into her big tupperware. *grins*

Yeah, I was always the envy of my friends because I would always carry the best foodie for recess time. Superhero Mum would make sure that I get the best foodie around, which explains why Superhero S used to be quite a chubby little girl! Haha. No joke! I was so cute and round when I was schooling! All thanks to my Superhero Mum's cookings. :p

For my dish, I'd keep it all simple and stayed true to Mum's recipe plus making some modifications. I used Cintan dried broad noodles and a few pieces of the fish cake plus a whole load of Japanese choy sum as my main ingredients. I've actually tried my hands at frying Mee Goreng Mamak and Spicy Fried Noodles not too long time ago. So frying noodles is not going to be something new for me now. Haha. Phew!

And here it is, my Fried Broad Noodles with Fish Cake Slices...!

Very simple to prepare, but super delicious and highly addictive. Haha. All you need to do is to boil the noodles (yes, just like how you boil your Maggi Mee) till it starts to soften, then take it all out and run through lukewarm water to give it that springy feel. I don't like my noodles to be lembik (too soft!)

Then, cut the fish cake into thin slices; the same goes for the choy sum, cut into small pieces. Next, all you need to do is to throw in your finely-chopped garlic and fry it till it's fragrant, throw in the fish cake and choy sum. Whack in the noodles last because you don't want to overcook it. Add in some Oyster Sauce and some thick soy sauce, some salt... and kau tim!

Top the dish with bits of egg and some chilli sauce for Superhero W, and you've got a steaming hot Fried Noodles dish waiting to be served. Simple right? But don't underestimate this dish for its simplicity. Tastes extremely good with sambal if you want to give it a little extra kick! Oh yeah...

We love this dish a lot, and we intend to buy another big pack of Cintan broad noodles and cook this dish till we get sick of it! Haha. :p