Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A simple breakfast of Eggs, Cheese and Sausages

Inspired by Superhero S' Bro's daily buffet breakfast in Crowne Plaza Florida, she decided to cook her own big breakfast as well! Haha. Superhero Bro has been living the life with the luxury to feast on super delicious all-you-can-eat breakfast every single morning. OH...! How we wished we can fly over there now and join him. Haha. :p

Okay, before we get started, I'd say let's NOT show how good and delicious looking the usual breakfast that my Superhero Bro takes every morning. Better show the two superheroes' effort first. Otherwise it won't be worth showing anymore after you've seen the hotel's buffet breakfast! *grins*

Okay, so Superhero S decided to fry 2 pieces of chicken sausages for each of us, and 2 eggs cooked with cheese! Yeah, you've read it right... cheese!! *starts drooling...*
And since we're both crazy over cheese, I've decided to just keep it simple and top a piece of white bread with a slice of cheese. Nothing fancy. No toast or anything (heaty!).

And here they are...

Looks ridiculously simple right? That's the point! I wouldn't want to make something so extravagant so early in the morning (self-consoling!) Haha. But maybe next time I will... After comparing it with my Superhero Bro's super healthy breakfast, mine is kinda embarrassing! But hey, at least I do have the orange juice as well. Only not shown here. *blushing*

So compare mine with THESE...!

omg... *drools!*

I love strawberries!!

Wait...seems like cannot compare at all! Haha. Never mind. Next time I'll surely make a better "western" breakfast. But my breakfast tastes delicious too right, Superhero W...? (stares at Superhero W) Haha.