Monday, June 23, 2008

Nakajima Sushi Set - Our favourite movie snack

Ever since the two superheroes have been going on a regular movie routine every Wednesday (tough times calls for cheap movie tickets! Haha), they have been sick of eating all those unhealthy and super fattening caramel popcorns from GSC. So they figured, perhaps it's time to tukar gaya hidup and go for some healthier alternatives instead! :p

And sometime ago, they actually successfully sneaked a big box of Sushi into the cineplex when they were off to watch Indiana Jones, right before their big Tony Roma's meal at the Gardens. Since Superhero S usually carries a rather big bag because she likes to put her comb, notebook, another notebook, tissue papers, little water bottle, long purse, handphone and some toys inside, carrying one more item is no big deal.

So of course there's always room for our... Nakajima Sushi Set!

Oh yeah... this is our favourite set because of the nice variety inside. Bought from Jusco Supermarket (yes, we banned the vegetables but not the sushi! Haha :p) for only RM9.88, this is definitely a much healthier and delicious option to replace our popcorns! *drools*

Look, there's even some wasabi and soy sauce for a little dip dip. But since we're eating in a cineplex, unless we'd want to get wasabi + soy sauce all over our clothes and hands and legs, we kindly left those two alone as we whacked all the different sushi varieties.

We couldn't really tell you the names of the sushi since they're obviously not stated here, but we can roughly make out what they are. There's the Cucumber Sushi, Egg Sushi, Octopus Sushi, Salad Sushi, Crabmeat Sushi, Salmon Sushi and some egg roe-coated sushi with a combination of cucumber, egg and crabmeat! Those are the yummiest!! Haha. :p

The best thing about eating these little sushis in the cineplex is that, the air-con inside makes it cold... And we love chilled sushi! *starts drooling again!*

So next time, go carry a big bag and stuff your sushi set inside. Haha. *whispers* Don't tell people I teach you all that okay? *wink wink*


L'abeille said...

Luckily you explained why you need to carry a big bag to the cinema or else... I will be thinking of this incident :p

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...yeah auntie L' could I forget THAT post! Haha.. :p