Friday, May 30, 2008

Tony Roma's at The Gardens, Midvalley

After watching the much-anticipated Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, and right before we got cheated by Jusco Supermarket, the two superheroes actually flew over to Tony Roma's at The Gardens, Midvalley for a yummylicious lunch! Haha. Drool, baby...drool! :p

It has actually been a while since we last had any sort of western cuisine as these days, we seem to be down with this Japanese foodie fever. Haha. I can't help it! There's something really seemingly addictive about consuming all those sushis and salmon. But since we've already tried Sushi Zen and Sushi Zanmai the last time, we thought we should go for a change of taste.

Tony Roma's fits the bill perfectly, because we didn't want to go for Yo! Sushi just yet. Why? *whispers* Because we just finished a whole large box of sushi, which was secretly tapau-ed into the cineplex to replace our popcorns! Haha. Good idea huh. More healthy mah... *grins*

And so, we were led to our seat in Tony Roma's and I have to complement their service really. Super friendly and warm. They make you feel like you have personal butlers waiting for your orders. Nice.... Waiter waiter... come come.... :p

We went for their set lunch, which I would say is pretty comprehensive really. Superhero W went for their Rib Eye Steak, medium-grilled and topped with their steak butter. Meanwhile, Superhero S decided to keep it light and went for their Chicken Bowtie Pasta, consisting of a generous portion of chicken and bowtie pasta, lightly sauteed with garlic, basil, tomatoes and pesto, topped with delicious cheese.... OH!

For their set lunch, it comes with a Soup of the Day and a glass of soft drink of your choice. The soup arrived shortly, and according to our personal butler, it was some special Chicken Soup. Which actually tasted SUPER delicious! The chicky flavour was tremendously powerful with a hint of peppery taste and there's carrots, celery, chicky bits, and even some bowtie pasta inside!

The soup also came with this, according to Superhero W, *ahem*... Marie biscuits... which came in the form of really really thin crackers. Love it! :p

Before we could finish walloping our soup, our butler brought out our bread with an accompanying garlic butter. So this would be something like a Garlic Bread. The bread was fresh, and I love this subtle sourish salty taste to the garlic butter.

And then, this came...

I went like..."What the....?!" Wow...this plate of pasta can actually feed an entire family already man! How to finish?? Haha. The serving here is HUGE... no doubt about it. What more after whacking all the soup and the bread, there's little room left in my tummy to consume such a tremendous amount of pasta. *Looks to Superhero W and smiles....*

Before Superhero W could respond, his order came...

Check it out... such a big big piece of steak! Looks really juicy too... But since both of our orders came with a nice bowl of chilled coleslaw we decided to attack the salad first before making our way to the big meal! Haha.

My Chicken Bowtie Pasta set lunch priced at RM19.90 was absolutely yummy...Good portion of the chicken pieces inside, and I simply love the amount of diced tomatoes on my pasta! But this dish is too much lah. Cannot finish even with help from Superhero W. Haha.

Superhero W's Rib Eye Steak set lunch, priced at RM49.90 was beautifully done, pink on the inside, very very chewy and juicy! When he chewed on the steak, sitting right beside him, I can actually hear the juicyness from the oh-so-succulent steak. Thumbs up!

As a whole, I would think that the Tony Roma's set lunch is really really worth it. There's the soup, the bread, the salad, the main course and the drink. How can anyone say NO to all that?! Haha. So the bill came at around RM80, including tax. Pretty reasonable price for the amount of food served, and the cosy ambience and personal butler service! Haha. *wink wink*


YozoraNiteSky said...

have walked by this joint at Mids so many times.. but each time, just as i was about to step in.. i will remember all the yummy juicy porky stuff i used to order from TR in Singapore..and then i will make a u-turn..sigh..what to do, a true porky person here :(

L'abeille said...

They serve great steaks here eh? I agree :)) but woah.. didn't know their pasta comes in huge portion ler..

babe_kl said...

kekeke me oso like Yozora la, made U turns

dcyk said...

i wanna go on monday, hehehe, don haf set dinner hor :( means more exp liao like that

twosuperheroes said...

Hey Y and two are really true blue porky fans huh! haha. :p

Auntie L'abeille, yeah...their pasta really cannot stand man! So much... We were forced to waste some of the food... :p

Hey dcyk, don't think so got set dinner lah..haha...but their set lunch is really more worth it than going a la carte.. :)

dcyk said...

no set dinner but the food was still delish!!, free flow of f&n drinks somemore.

i called ribs and my wife called rosemary grilled chicken, both were good :)

cibol said...

I should try this place then .. :) been trying to find place to take my other half out the other day. i didn't do enuff research .. ha ha ha

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...glad you liked the foodie there wor, dcyk! Yeah, we can see that you're really happy about the free refills! Very worth it hoh.. :p

Hey cibol, now you know where to bring your other half already hoh... Haha. *wink wink*
Hope you'll like the foodie there as well! :p

cibol said...

yeah, shud have brot her here by then. Nevermind, she will be back here again sumtims in august. So, i have plenty of time to do my research. make sure you keep on posting god places to eat la k .. ha ha ha

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...don't worry, we sure will! :p