Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Ipoh Old Town Restaurant at Taman Danau Desa

* This place is now known as "The Colonial". A change of name, but apparently the menu still sticks and the same goes to the entire restaurant crew.

After having condemned the original Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam all across Malaysia, the two superheroes had actually given up hope on such "coffee shops". Nothing but over-rated foodie and sucky service. Everything's gone down the drain for Ipoh Old Town Kopitiam, seriously. *sigh*

BUT... Though it may have been very unfortunate that the Old Town White Coffee Kopitiam had failed us badly, another restaurant a la "coffee shop" style with almost exactly the same name, managed to hop onto our list of delicious foodie for all... And they are the Ipoh Old Town Restaurant at Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road!

Haha. Noticed the similarity to their names? But thank goodness they are totally different! Superhero S' sis, Winnie recommended this place to us because she and her colleagues often frequent there for lunch. And since she gave this place a thumbs up, as she did when she first introduced Boon Boon Cafe to us, I definitely trust her taste! Haha. :p

Okay, so we went there for lunch on a fine weekday afternoon and the place was already packed. Luckily, we still found a nice seat. Phew! I noticed even their decor is quite similar to Kopitiam's. A quick glance at their menu reveals that this Ipoh Old Town is more like a true blue Chinese cafe style of food and you can find almost everything on their menu!

In fact, it was so extensive, it took us both quite a while to actually digest what's on the menu. But since Superhero S is still struggling with a persistent sore throat at that time, she couldn't deal with anything fried or spicy. So what to do? Better just order their signature Ipoh Sar Hor Fun. Haha. But on the other hand, Superhero W settled for their Curry Noodles (to make me jealous!) *evil....*

For drinks, both of us went for their Cincau since it has got this cooling attribute to combat the horrificly uncertain weather outside.

And then, our foodie arrived. This is Superhero S' Ipoh Sar Hor Fun...

OH...Very big bowl and it sure looks good! At least this time around, I can't say that I can count the number of chicky slices around because this bowl is flooded generously with chicky bits! OH...and just look at their prawn! So big... and it's so fresh as well...! Not bad, not bad at all. 100 times better than the Kopitiam's! *super grin*

Superhero W's Curry Noodles arrived soon after...

The curry's colour is absolutely beautiful...And merely judging from its looks, I know this one is going to be a really hot deal! Haha. They actually complimented the dish with so many ingredients - from the brinjal, tau fu pok, tau kee ... all the way to so many chicky pieces!!! Now THIS is what I call a decent bowl of Curry Noodles mah.... *wink wink*

And best of all, their curry is really the thick kind. Not those diluted watery type! Another thumbs up! Haha. So now, the two superheroes have once again discovered another yummylicious place to makan in Taman Desa. No wonder this restaurant is so flooded with people during lunch time... Good business = Good food! :p

P/S: Just a reminder, this place is classified under non-halal okay? They do serve porky as well... and one more thing, we are so sorry for being missing in action over the last 2 days. Too busy saving people here and there lah! Haha. *wink wink* :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

oh yes, i love their Ipoh Hor Fun. I normally go to their Lucky Garden, Bangsar outlet. Plus I also like the biscuits they sell at their shop too. Claimed that most of them are from Ipoh :)

L'abeille said...

It seems both my superheroes fancy Ipoh food alot eh?

twosuperheroes said...

Hey Y...I didn't know they've got other outlets as well. Haha.. Nice huh.. Can't wait to go back there again..But before that, have to try out your recommended Hao Wei Dao restaurant first! *wink wink*

Auntie L'abeille, boleh lah...especially the hor fun lor..Haha. Very simple yet tastes delicious! But I'm sure you makan sampai jelak sudah rite? Haha. :p