Thursday, June 5, 2008

Nyonya Dumplings in Malacca

*This is a super non-halal post written by Superhero S.*

The two superheroes were back to Superhero S' hometown in Malacca over the weekend. And ever since we were back, Superhero S has caught many many sightings of something that she has not eaten for a very long time... (Come to think about time dunno need to fork out how much $$ for the petrol only can reach Malacca! *sob sob....*) Okay, back to the story....

OH! My "chang"!

As there are just so many kinds of chang in the market these days, I still prefer to stick to my regular changs. I've never been particularly crazy over the regular "bak chang" (Porky Meat Dumplings) all along, no thanks to all the fatty porky meat stuffed inside. But instead, I would go running, no... in fact I would go FLYING towards my favourite Nyonya Chang whenever I see one! Haha. :p

I heard from one of my good friends in KL that she can never find Nyonya Changs in KL and she would always request for me to bring her some from Malacca whenever the season is here. Haha. So, it was only then did I realize that the Nyonya Chang is actually unique to Malacca itself. And I have to say I'm rather proud of that because it is THE best chang in the world! *drools....*

It's entirely different from your regular Bak Chang, thought it does use porky meat too albeit in a different way and different form. The Nyonya Chang is mainly "white" with traces of blue from the colouring, which sets it distinctively apart from the entirely brown Bak Chang.

The porky meat inside is also minced and mixed with this sweetish preserved thingee. The resulting stuffed meat comes with a hint of sweetness and not forgetting, with a powerful peppery taste as well! But I'm definitely lovin' it. Haha.

My Superhero Mum used to make big big changs at home until the day she decided that it was much simpler to just get it from the vendors outside. And so, till today, I didn't manage to get her to impart her knowledge to me. Haha. Too bad... What to do? Have to make do with all those little changs sold outside lor! *grins* :p


YozoraNiteSky said...

wah.. i have not had nyonya chang for a long time. hard to find in KL. mostly the bak chang. makes me so hungry now lah.. luckily lunch time already :). Happy lunching supes

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...yeah, mostly bak chang in KL...But I still prefer Nyonya chang...nicer.. :p