Friday, June 6, 2008

Sushi, sushi...and more sushi!

With the two superheroes still into Japanese foodie fever, we flew over to Sushi Zanmai at The Gardens, Midvalley once again to try out some of their other offerings on the menu. Though it's our second time viewing their menu, it still leaves us very undecided on which foodie to pick because everything looks just oh-so-delicious! OMG... Haha. :p

After flipping through the entire extensive menu 10 times and counting, we decided to keep it a little light this time around. We ordered plain sushi, sushi and nothing else but sushi! Haha. Yeah, it's a sushi galore! But next time shall try out their sukiyaki too... *grins*

So first to arrive, our mix 'n' match sushi orders that consists of Salmon Salad, Salmon and their Chuka Iidako (octopus!).

Truly delicious...I love their Salmon Salad the most. The mayo wasn't too overpowering, and the mixture was just perfect. Nice.... And the salmon was fresh too, while the Chuka Iidako was absolutely appetizing with its hint of sweetness. Nice way to open up my appetite! Haha. :p

Next up, our Stamina Rolls!

Haha. First of all, I love it for its name. C'mon! Stamina Rolls??? Haha. Very cute huh. And secondly, it's eel!! OH... in simple words, we love eel! And this is no ordinary eel offering. Just look at their presentation. Beautiful right? The sushi is filled with this cold "cucumber" thingee and some others that give the sushi this crunchy feel when you sink your teeth into it.

If it's just topped with plain sushi with the sweet sauce alone, it would've just turned out to be some ordinary sushi dish. But with the crunchy feel to it, it totally transform the meal and take it to a different indulgence altogether! Very highly recommended. Must try!

And last but not least, during our last visit to Sushi Zanmai, we promised ourselves that we would make the following wish happen whenever we were to visit this place again. Ta-da!

Haha. Yes, we're crazy people. Crazy over Kanimayo Sushi! OMG... Yes, the Crabmeat Mayonnaise Rolls. Now we don't have to fight over it anymore... 6 for Superhero W, and 6 for Superhero S. Haha. Super delicious and our all-time favourite! *wink wink*

And this concludes our recent adventure to Sushi Zanmai... can't wait for our next trip to another Japanese foodie outlet! OH....


YozoraNiteSky said...

I am definitely going to try Sushi Zanmai the next time I am at the Gardens. I went for Yo Sushi on Sat. but was rather disappointed with the taste and the price (quite pricey). Just for ocha, they charge RM3. Only had about 8 plates of stuff, paid time better go back to Sakae or Sushi King.. much cheaper there

twosuperheroes said... should, Y! Go for Sushi Zanmai...I hope you'll like the foodie there..

Wanted to try Yo! Sushi too...but seems like a lot of ppl mentioned that it's rather pricey. Now kinda reluctant to go already... But for 8 places, RM80 is very expensive huh..Hmm..