Monday, June 9, 2008

ABC soup with sweet corn

Since the weather has been rather kind these days (no more relentless burning sun! YAY!! :p), and the fact that it actually has started raining on quite a few occasions, Superhero S decided to boil some soup to complement the weather! Haha. Must drink warm soup on a cold, cold day! Don't waste the weather... *wink wink*

And so, she suddenly recalled that Superhero Mum used to boil one of her favourite soups which is the all-time favourite, ABC soup on one of those cold, rainy days. OH... nothing beats home-cooked food, especially soup because you don't have to worry about all those excessive oil and MSG in the soup. Just plain nutritious soup...

Here's a look at my ABC soup with sweet corn...

My Superhero Mum would occasionally add in some sweet corn into the ABC soup to give it an extra kick of sweetness, just like what Babe did with her version of the ABC soup. Likewise, you can also try Chef Y's recipe of her Pork Ribs soup which is relatively similar to the ABC soup.

This is actually my second time boiling this soup really. The soup tasted so good the first time that I simply had to boil it another time! Haha. I didn't stay true to the usual ABC soup recipe, as some ingredients were lacking in the kitchen. No big onions and tomatoes (didn't quite like tomatoes in my soups anyway) but my ABC soup tasted just fine. In fact, I actually preferred it to go with the sweet corn!

I boiled the soup with some leftover chicky bones and added some dried red dates to give it a double taste of sweetness. I just love the taste of those red dates in my soups...! Haha. :p
Added all my little little potatoes, carrots and 2 sweet corns (broken into smaller pieces), and let it boil, baby... *grins*

Nothing fancy about the soup, but I'm lovin' it. Simple to boil, yet very tasty and homely. Perfect for one of those cold, rainy days.


YozoraNiteSky said...

mm..i have 4 cobs of corn in the fridge. supposed to be for my gliders..but never mind, share share hor.. i just need 1 heehee to make this super soupie from my fav supes :D

twosuperheroes said...

Wah....4 cobs...can spare some for the soup. Haha. I'm sure your gliders don't mind sharing... :p