Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Fruit tarts straight from the heart

Yesterday morning, the two superheroes received a really wonderful surprise gift from our dear Y. Haha. And that immediately brightened up our otherwise dull Monday morning! And so, we flew over to our agreed location and met up with dear Y who passed us this beautiful box...

Now this is the box of goody sitting on my lap as we drove away from our meeting point.

OH! Cannot wait to open it... Haha. So very super duper excited upon hearing that Y has some goody foodie to share with us. She's actually involved in a food exchange program with a few other friends or bloggers and they would all make and exchange their home-made foodie with other to get feedback. Superhero S would have loved to join too... if only she has a better hand at cooking! Haha. All those are sifoo! Don't play play... *wink wink*

But anyway, thank you so so so so much for this lovely gift, Y! I couldn't resist opening the box right after I got into the car and... ta-da! OMG...

Your fruit tarts are so beautiful! Much more beautiful than those sold outside! (You can check out her recipe here) Since Y mentioned that the fruit tarts will melt, and looking at the horrificly hot weather yesterday afternoon, I decided to start feasting on the fruit tarts before there's no more left... Haha! :p

2 for Superhero S, and another 2 for Superhero W. As Superhero W was driving, I helped myself with the tarts first. I have to say Y, they are absolutely delicious! Not too sweet, just perfect! I think you've got it right this time! But erm, there's one thing though... I find the pastry a little bit too thick, though the texture of the pastry is way better than any fruit tarts I've eaten before.

With so many fruit toppings, there's nothing more that we can ask for. Just perfect! Two thumbs up for dear Y! I promise you ok, when I've gained more confidence (and experience!) in my cooking or baking, I will definitely pass you some to test test. Haha. *grins*

Thanks again, Y! We really love your Fruit Tarts...!


YozoraNiteSky said...

dear supes..thank you for swinging by to pick up the tarts.. what excellent test bunnies :). couldn't ask for more committed test bunnies. mmm.. thank you for the comments on the pastry thickness. i weighed each one to be about 25g.. will reduce that to about 20g to 22g and see how they turn out. Are you game to test them again? ;). I bought smaller tart moulds yesterday with my friend Sue. Maybe can make smaller but cuter ones the next time. Thanks supes

twosuperheroes said...

Anytime for our dear Y! Furthermore is to get some delicious foodie from you wor...sure must make time! Haha. Sure, we don't mind testing them again...haha...(thick-skinned!) They're really delicious! :p