Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Restaurant Hao Wei Dao at Taman Desa

Thanks to our dear Y who reviewed this restaurant's other outlet at Ara Damansara, the two superheroes decided to fly over to their Taman Desa outlet just a couple of days ago to try out Y's recommendation! Haha. We trust you, Y! *grins*

And so, on a beautiful afternoon, we drove there and it must've been one of our lucky day... because we actually found a beautiful parking space in this area that is notorious for double parking due to the critically insufficient parking spaces. Phew! Nice one... Haha.

As it was close to lunch time, the restaurant was starting to get crowded. Superhero S actually buzzed her sister, Winnie before this to ask about the restaurant since it's located adjacent to her office. Sis said that the restaurant is actually quite similar to those HK chain outlets a la Kim Gary or Wong Kok.

A quick glance at the menu does in fact confirm sis' mention that it is quite like a HK style restaurant with all the different toasts, noodles and such. After having decided what we both wanted, we immediately placed our orders.

The ambience is quite cosy and comfortable really. Reasonable space in between seats, and it's also quite airy and well-lit. Not bad.

For drinks, Superhero S ordered Honey Lime while Superhero W ordered Iced Coffee. Apparently, the Honey Lime wasn't exactly like what I would expect from a normal Honey Lime. They actually gave me "Kat Chai Shin Mui" (in Cantonese), which is actually that asam drink that I know my Superhero Mum would love. Well, strange but... it's still good for my throat, according to Superhero W.

And then our meals arrived... Superhero S ordered their signature Spaghetti Carbonara, and here's a look at it...

Nice?? Haha. OMG... I'm sure it's going to taste as good as it looks! Very rich and creamy, and they are ridiculously generous with the ham slices (porky alert!) and mushroom. OH! Perfect! I never liked my Spaghetti Carbonara to be those dry version and since this is the "wet" one, it suited me perfectly! However, a word of warning though... too much of this can be a little overwhelming. Haha. The portion's pretty big too. *drools....!*

Superhero W's Thai Fried Rice arrived soonafter. Our first impression of the dish wasn't really good, I have to admit. C'mon, I mean... how do you expect us to react when we see something like this?

Looks plain huh. Could see from Superhero W's facial expression that he's a little disappointed. Haha. Poor thing. So I decided to take a spoonful of his fried rice and try it out (and pray that it doesn't taste as bad as it looks!). And furthermore, the portion looks so little. Surely it will not be enough for him.

To my amazement, this simple plate of Fried Rice turns out to be quite special! I took a mouthful of it, and the first few seconds after putting it into your mouth and chew on it, it didn't taste any significantly different from any normal fried rice...

But as I started chewing more, I could taste the fragrance from the rice and the subtle spicyness from the chilli. Wow...very special indeed! The true taste of the fried rice actually comes right after you've started chewing on it for a while.

All in all, the food's pretty good here I would say, but I would still root for Boon Boon Cafe's servings as they are much more generous there. But whatever it is, we'll most probably still be coming back for more of the foodie here as there's quite a lot left to sample from its menu! Haha.


L'abeille said...

Alamak, I stay at Ara Damansara and I don't know there's a Hao Wei Dao there... Thanks for informing :)

YozoraNiteSky said...

haha..thanks for i know i won't be ordering the fried rice..being such a big eater, sure not enough for me.

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..auntie L'abeille, go try it out! Too bad you stay quite far away from us eh. Otherwise can ask you to bring us two lil superkids out to makan too. Haha. :p

Yeah Y, the fried rice really quite little..but tastes not bad lah. Order only if you feel like nibbling some light foodie. Haha. But I really love the carbonara... :p