Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fabulous food at Boon Boon Cafe, Taman Desa

Thanks to a tip off from Superhero S' sister, Winnie, the two superheros flew over to Boon Boon Cafe at Taman Danau Desa, off Old Klang Road for a culinery feast! Haha. :p

If you've been to Taman Danau Desa, you would realize that this place is very very resort-like, if you get what I mean here. Lotsa tall trees, the entire place seems nicely shaded by beautiful tree canopies and it's always windy here. Haha. No, I'm not exaggerating! *grins*

So Boon Boon Cafe is a corner lot cafe that is literally surrounded by many trees. Nice huh. Let me give you a look from where we're seated.

We actually went there twice over a short span of time really. Because the food there is simply excellent. Not too pricey, and the ambience is just perfecto. You can choose to be seated outside when the weather's not emitting ridiculous heat rays, or be seated inside the cafe, where the light's a little dimmer, there's a nice breeze from the air-con, and the seats are comfy and all.

For the first trip there, Superhero W ordered their Sweet & Sour Chicken Rice...

While Superhero S ordered their Claypot Loh Shu Fun... There's just this thing about loh shu fun that I cannot seem to resist! Haha. :p

The Sweet & Sour Chicky Rice was delicious! I've never been a fan of this Chinese dish but the ones they serve here was really really nice! I helped myself to Superhero's meal, really! Haha. But on the other hand, my Claypot Loh Shu Fun wasn't exactly like how I expected it to be. I was thinking SS2 Murni's version but instead it tasted pretty sweet. Yeah, sweet! *puzzled*

Pretty strange huh. But the weird thing is, the more you eat it, the better it actually tastes! It's probably an acquired taste I suppose. Not everyone will like it. But since I didn't want to waste it, I whacked everything and overall, it's okay. Not as bad as it seemed.

And then on our second trip there, Superhero W wanted to go Western and ordered their Black Pepper Chicken Chop. Here's a look.

And Superhero S stayed true to Chinese dishes and opted for their Pan Mee. It's been staying put in my mind since I last saw babe eating her bowl of yummy Pan Meen over at Balakong just recently. Haha. You're such an influence lah, babe... *wink wink*

The Chicken Chop was, in simple words, superb! Very big portion and the chicky was really crispy!! If only their black pepper sauce could've been a little more spicier, then there would be more kick! And the Pan Mee? Awesome ah... Cannot handle! Reminds me of the last time when I ate the super best Pan Mee at Seri Kembangan... Yummy!! :p

Oh gosh, this is turning out to be a really long post eh. Haha. Bear with me, there's still the drinks. Fabulous drinks. Let me show you this!

Beautiful right?? Lookie lookie like some luminous drink huh! Alien rite?? Haha. It's actually Mint Tea, really. Very cool and refreshing indeed. There's also their Watermelon juice which tasted pretty fresh and original really.

And not forgetting the Camomile Tea which actually came in this package!

Cute hoh. Just look at the little jug carrying honey inside! Camomile with Honey, now that's a first for me. Usually other cafes would only give us normal sugar, but honey? WOW... very generous indeed! I like.... *super grin*

All in all, you can almost find any kind of food on Boon Boon Cafe's extensive menu. We've still not tried many other selections, but based on both of our trips so far, the food there is really tasty! Thumbs up... :p


babe_kl said...

adui now u make me wan a bowl of pan meen

twosuperheroes said...

haha....we're like pan meen fansie! :p

YozoraNiteSky said...

this is the shop where we met outside the other day? oh btw, how much did they cost? are they reasonably priced?

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah, remembered eh?! The price there is not bad, pretty standard. Erm, let's say around RM7-RM12 for a dish basically. Something like that. Very extensive menu, and very nice ambience. Good for lepaking. :p