Thursday, May 15, 2008

Hot hot dumplings on the way!

Just the other day after seeing how super delicious Y's dumplings were, and also how irresistably yummy the ones that babe recently had after her hiking trip, it really got Superhero S seriously drooling away as she was so tempted to save the dumpling pictures as her wallpaper.

Yeah, so that she can look and drool... look some more and drool some more... Haha. :p
And so, since she wanted to eat those dumplings so badly, she decided to actually try and make them herself! Oh yeah... giving a new meaning to the term "desperation".

Since I had no idea how to make dumplings, I had to read word by word, Y's steps on how to make the ultimate dumplings. *grins* We then went grocery shopping to get all the ingredients ready. No water chestnuts since I couldn't find them, but that alone will not stop me from making my dumplings! Haha. I want my dumplings! :p

I had to use chicken meat on this one because I couldn't get any nice fresh fishy paste. And I also bought some medium-sized prawns as well. After minching the chicky meat, I gave the prawn some vicious karate chop, finely chopped some spring onions and carrots, thinly sliced some chinese black fungus and shitake mushrooms, added some salt and... wait, I think that's about it. Haha.

Basically, after wrapping, and wrapping AND wrapping my dumplings... Take a look at my raw version! Ta-da!

How? Seems like my dumplings got the dumpling look huh. Haha. At least it came out looking like a real dumpling and not something alien!? Check out some of my dumplings after I boiled them. According to Y, the dumplings will float to the surface once they're cooked. And I stood there waiting patiently for my dumplings to pop up one by one. :p

Then suddenly Superhero W came into the kitchen to check on the progress of my dumplings. He was asking me whether or not I was going to fry some of it. All along I was thinking of doing the soupy type of dumplings. Then suddenly it occurred to me that fried dumplings actually do exist! OMG. Haha. I was so blur.

And so, the rest of the dumplings went into the wok for deep frying. And these are my Fried Dumplings...

And my Dumplings in Bayam Soup...

The dumplings actually tasted pretty good for a first attempt. Haha. I was thinking that my dumplings were all gonna burst and all the fillings would be scattered around. But it all went pretty well. The fried ones somehow tasted much better than the soupy version. Very crispy and it was just perfect. But on the other hand, the soupy dumplings tasted slightly bland but it's still not too bad. Maybe some soy sauce should do the trick.

Perhaps I should do some fine-tuning to my dumplings next time huh. Haha. Still got some dumpling skins left in the fridge. Maybe a second attempt should come very very soon! *wink*


YozoraNiteSky said...

wow.. i am so proud of you supeS. Such pretty little pleated skirts. well done *clap clap*.

babe_kl said...

wahhh sooo clever and yr dumplings look so nice wid those pleats. well done.

twosuperheroes said...

Hahahhaa...both of you really made my day lah..Now I feel like I'm floating around like that.. All thanks to the both of you for enticing me with your super delicious dumplings! :p