Monday, May 19, 2008

Sambal Fishy I can proudly call my own!

This is yet another first for the two superheroes. We both love fishy but we all know that fishys nowadays are getting pricier. But the other day we were thinking, "Ahhh...what the heck! Just buy only lah! Haha." And so we did. Since I haven't been on an educational trip to the fish market with my Superhero Mum before, I only know that I must find the fishy with a twinkle in its eyes. *wink wink*

Yeah, Superhero Mum says fishys like that are fresh. I literally flipped over every single fishy on display and looked at their eyes. Some looked dead (Yes, I know they are all dead!), while some were bloody. Urgh. Only a few appeared to have this twinkle in their eyes. Nice... Haha. :p

I've actually not fried a fishy before in my life because getting hit by all the wildly dangerous flying oil splatters firing from the fishy wasn't exactly a very inviting idea. But this time around, die die lah. Haha. If only I can find a whole body suit to cover me from my hair tip till my toe tips!

After my fast and furious battle of oil splatters with my fishy, this was the end result... Ta-da!

Not bad huh. Haha. Self-praise is necessary at times to boost the ego you know. *grins* And of course I wouldn't serve my fishy just like that. Top it off with my signature sambal, and voila!

My first Sambal Fishy... And I think the fishy is ikan cencaru or something. Correct me if I'm wrong because I'm really stupid when it comes to the names of fishys. Haha.

And to complement my Sambal Fishy, here's the Fu Yong Egg and Stir-fried Bayam.

The best meal ever. Haha. The satisfaction of having to successfully cooked my Sambal Fishy was too enormous to ignore. Now that I've conquered my fears of getting hit by the hot oil, I can cook some big jaws the next time around. C'mon, bring it on!! Haha. :p


zewt said...

twinkle twinkle in the eyes...shall remember that.

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...yes, zewt. Look for the twinkle. :p

sisterofheaven said...

ahaha! yerp yerp..
ikan cencaru that is :D

i still can't cook XD

YozoraNiteSky said...

wah.. you are turning out to be a good cook. i see your fish turned out very good..not easy to keep skin on fish intact after frying wor..

twosuperheroes said...

Hey bella, haha...go and experiment in the kitchen lah... :p

Haha...dear Y, this kinda fishy so happen got this super protective skin/shield covering the core part of its body. So that keeps the skin intact. Credits to the fishy! :p