Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We got ripped off by Old Town Kopitiam!

The two superheroes felt ripped off by the horrendous drop in the quality of food at Old Town Kopitiam. It got worse each time we eat there... No wonder dcyk ended up with food poisoning from eating the foodie at Old Town!

A long time ago, this place used to be good... Hey, in fact the "long time ago" wasn't really a long time ago! It's just been like... a few months?? It's really unbelieveable how Old Town Kopitiam branched out into soooo many outlets and finally falls flat on their quality.

On our most recent trip to Old Town Kopitiam at Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, we had no idea that the food was going to be bad there. I mean, it's in the city centre within walking distance from KLCC! You've got tourists coming by, office workers coming by, it's supposed to serve quality foodie because of the constant flow of customers. Or so we thought...

Superhero W ordered their Nasi Lemak Special while since Superhero S was nursing a bad sore throat then, not much choice but to take their Ipoh Hor Fun. For drinks, Superhero S ordered a cold honey lemon drink while Superhero W settled for Coke.

The drinks came pretty fast. The honey lemon was good, and coke couldn't possibly taste any different than coke. Haha. I wanted to take a picture of the honey lemon until I saw what came in next onto our table...

Erm... what is this? Superhero S used her big big eyes to look straight into the waiter's eyes while pointing at that piece of thing.

The waiter uttered, "That's chicken loh"
Superhero S continued staring at the man and said, "Yes, I know it's a chicken. But why is it so small??" It's all flour and no chicken!
The waiter got kinda jittery at this point and offered to change the chicken. Fine.

Another few minutes passed by and the waiter came back. "This is all we've got, all the chicken is the same size in the kitchen"
Turning into furious mode and quite ready to put on a drama queen act, Superhero S stared into the fella's eyes and said in a pure cold voice, "Then isn't this like a rip-off or something? Why is it so small? It wasn't so small the last time we came here!"

After kena shoot mercilessly by the two of us, the waiter went back into the kitchen and returned with a slightly bigger chicken, but one that is still waaaaaaaaaaaaay smaller than before. And when my Ipoh Hor Fun came, we got hit by another disappointment.

Just look at my Ipoh Hor Fun. Looks so pathetic hoh... Can count the number of chicken slices inside. Only got 6 thin slices! And I actually had to give away my two pieces of prawn to Superhero W because I couldn't take prawns. I was actually eating like pure hor fun only.

Conclusion? We will NEVER dine at Old Town Kopitiam ever again. NEVER.... bad bad..


L'abeille said...

Lately, cafes are blooming everywhere and I would say MOST of them are sucks..

And another thing, I'm not brave enough to complain about the food served because I'm afraid when they bring the food back to the kitchen, they might add in 'extras' into my food.. etc.. saliva..

frostier said...

haha. that's why the name Old Town Kopitiam

Old - old fox (lou wu lei)
Town - not kampung where people are friendlier
Kopitiam - drink kopi only la

Shinky said...

Should ask them give two pieces of chicken since it's so small. small + small = medium gua... ^.^"

twosuperheroes said...

Auntie L'abeille...yeah lor, most serve really sucky food. Somemore not cheap woh..Well, at that time, I wasn't really in a good mood and to actually see such a tiny chicken?! Haha... Haih.. :p

Hey Frostier, yeah..haha..true true..the waiters there aren't some of the friendlist around.. bad bad.

Hey Shinky, why didn't I think abt that?? Haha..anyway, the "chickens" they serve are like 90% flour, 10% meat. Ridiculous.. *shakes head*

JASON said...

yaman, i got ripped off 2. btw, ur explnantion very funny lah

twosuperheroes said...

I think many ppl kena ripped off by this Old Town already.. As for the two of us superheroes, we will never EVER go there again.. So terrible! *sigh*