Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Madam Kwan's at Suria KLCC

Sometime last week, the two superheroes and Superhero S' buddy, Shamini flew to Suria KLCC for a special lunch date together. And since we were in KLCC, there's this particular restaurant that we've always wanted to go but could never seem to make it... :p

...until that one fine day when Shamini decided to give us a lavish treat at Madam Kwan's!! OMG. Thanks and many many hugs, Sham! We finally made it to Madam Kwan's! :p
It was lunch time and as expected, we had to put ourselves on the waiting list. You see, this place is so often flooded with people that they even have comfy waiting place for you.

Nevertheless, the wait was worthwhile because we heard Sham said the food here is GOOD... And hey, we only had to wait 10 minutes. Small matter for the prospects of tasting good food. Haha. :p

We were seated soonafter, and Sham ordered Hokkien Mee/Bee Hoon while Superhero W ordered their signature Char Kuey Teow and Superhero S went for their Dumpling Soup Noodles. There were just sooooo many dishes on the extensive menu that we would like to try out, but alas, since our tummy can only carry just so much foodie, gotta keep the rest for our next trip there!

Superhero W's Watermelon Juice came first, which tasted pretty good. Not the best we've had, but it's okay. The juice was not thick, but it wasn't too diluted either. And since Superhero S loves Chinese Tea, she went for Madam Kwan's version of it. And it indeed surprised all of us when THIS came to us...

Huh? Doraemon's bell?? Hahahahhaha.... Seriously, it looked exactly like the bell Doraemon carries around on his neck! Cute... :p
The chinese tea was refreshing but became rather thick towards the end, but that's to be expected. Haha.

And our foodie finally arrived... The wait for the foodie surprisingly short considering the entire restaurant was full to the brink when we were lunching there. Good...because I was sooo hungry then!

Sham's Hokkien Mee/Bee Hoon came first, and I took a bite out of it. It was delicious!! They were really generous with the sotongs and I suppose that justifies the price of the dish, which was something like RM12+ if I remembered correctly.

And then, THIS arrived...

Wait a minute...There's like 3 XL prawns floating inside the bowl...but where are my dumplings??? It turned out that the dish was actually Plain Soup Noodles, NOT my Dumpling Soup. Thank goodness I hadn't tucked into the bowl of noodles yet DESPITE being hungry. Haha. :p

While waiting for my Dumpling Soup Noodles, Superhero W's Char Kuey Teow arrived.

WOW... wow... The portion was really huge, just like the Hokkien Mee... and there were lotsa squids too!! Very worth it because the seafood was really fresh and springy!
And finally, the Dumpling Soup Noodles came.

The first thing that caught my attention were those 3 extra large dumplings on the noodles. I couldn't even see the noodles, in fact! Haha. A bite onto the dumpling shows that the entire dumpling was filled with prawns!! OMG. And the prawns were just so fresh and BIG... Hahaah... :p

Excellent meal at Madam Kwan's. The bill came at about RM70+ for 3 persons, but the slightly heavy price tag is justified by the ultra fresh seafood they serve, and not to mention the large portion of every dish. Thumbs up!