Thursday, May 8, 2008

Kani Miso Soup and loads of sushi

Since Superhero S was down with a fever and sore throat the other day, good ol' Superhero W decided to give her a nice treat so that she can recover faster. Since she can't be taking any fried food or spicy food or anything sinful, Japanese food seems to fit the bill perfectly... Haha. :p

Where else to go for yummy Japanese foodie other than our favourite Sushi Zen at The Gardens Mid Valley. Yes, we go there like every week or something. Haha. But on most occasions, we would usually go for their set meals, which wasn't the case this time around. We wanted to try something new, maybe something RAW... :p

Okay, but before that, Superhero S wants her soup. A quick look at the menu features this really attractive dish called Kani Miso Soup, which is actually crab inside the usual miso soup. Nice... Can't wait to see what's inside this pot...

And... ta-da!

Beautiful presentation! I love the look and the colour of the crab! OH yummy yummy.... The very flavourful (not to mention, powerful) scent from the soup immediately gushed out of the pot the moment we opened its cover. This must be good... And indeed it is! Very strong crab taste... But since I'm allergic to seafood, can't take too much of the soupy. Superhero W walloped the rest of it. Haha.

Okay, next on the menu is our must-order, Crabmeat Mayonnaise Roll!! And this time around, we ordered not 1, but 2!! YAY! That sums up to 12 little rolls for the both of us. And I seriously think it still isn't enough... Maybe 2 plates for each person huh, next time? *grins*

More sushis on the way...

We ordered a pair of each - 1 for you, 1 for me! Haha. Superhero W ordered 2 Salmon Sushis, 2 Inaris (Beancurd skin filled with sticky rice) and 2 of those Big Big Red Transparent Fish Roe Sushis (which I can't recall its name) Haha.

The Salmon Sushi was really really fresh, but for sushis, I think I'd stick to our Sakae Sushi or even Genki Sushi for the portion and price. But for Crabmeat Mayonnaise Roll, ONLY from Sushi Zen and definitely nowhere else! Haha. Simply addictive! I can still feel the taste of the seaweed and crab meat as my teeth grinds against it. OH! *super grin*


Paris said...

Haha... I'm down there nearly every week too! Its my to go place for Japanese and I love the crab mayo roll. I wanted to try the soup but they were out last I went. I'll have to try it now for sure! :)
~ Pink Parisian

twosuperheroes said...

Haha...hey, maybe we could've even bumped to each other without knowing huh. Haha.. yeah, you should try it, very nice and very "crab" ah.. :p