Thursday, March 13, 2008

Nabeyaki Udon and Chicken Teriyaki at Sushi Zen, the Gardens

After our first visit to Sushi Zen at The Gardens, Mid Valley... the two superheroes have been yearning to return there to feast on their ultra delicious food again! Oh our Sushi Zen Bento Set and Nabeyaki Udon + Temaki Set!!! How we've missed you...! :p

The menu as part of the decor

So on last Sunday, we decided to give ourselves a treat and made our way to Sushi Zen. We went ala carte this time around. Superhero W decided to order his Chicken Teriyaki Bento whileSuperhero S ordered her much loved, Nabeyaki Udon... the best Udon I've tasted!!! :p

More irresistable foodie on the paper menu

And of course, not forgetting our favourite side dish, the Crabmeat Mayonnaise Rolls. Simply delicious.

What I like about Sushi Zen is their portion in their servings really. Very very generous serving with value price! For RM 4.90, we got 6 beautiful rolls, all coated with fishy roes. When dipped in the wasabi + shoyu sauce, the taste is absolutely unforgettable...This is definitely the best deal one can get! :p

Superhero W's Chicky Teriyaki Bento arrived soonafter. Lotsa lotsa sweet Chicky Teriyaki topping the rice... The rice doesn't look much, but according to Superhero W, after downing the whole meal, he couldn't walk anymore! So never underestimate those sticky rice eh! Hahah... :p

Superhero S's Nabeyaki Udon came in a nice claypot and I just can't help but drool at the look of all my favourite mushrooms!!! And that EGG!!! Lotsa lotsa chicky bits and there's that Prawn Tempura to keep you full and satisfied. Serving is still amazingly huge for the Udon.

Both of us couldn't make ourselves to order Sets because we didn't want to waste food (afterall, the cooks really put a lot of effort in the food presentation) and torture our tummies too much like the previous time. But we still left Sushi Zen feeling like our tummies could explode!

The cooks hard at work

What more after downing a whole cup of Hot Green Tea and Sprite. Yesss.. Sprite!! I still can't believe Superhero W drank Sprite to go with his food! *faints*

The next time we're coming to Sushi Zen, we're just going to order Sushis, Sashimis and Californian Rolls. Hahaa... Can't wait to be back here again! :p
psst...lemme tell you a secret. We're going Sushi Zen again tonight!!! Arhhhhhhhhhh.... :p


L'abeille said...

Another reasonably priced Jap restaurant? Cool! Will add Sushi Zen to my "to eat" list hah!

twosuperheroes said...

Yeah auntie L'abeille, waste no more time...faster faster bring X-T go makan already! Hehheeh.. :p