Monday, March 17, 2008

Almond pastries all the way from Macau

Thanks to our Superhero buddy, Yu Jin... the two superheroes jumped at the chance to wallop some almond pastries from Macau! Not that we're crazy over pastries but hey... gotta appreciate the thought man! The pastries sat on the airplane and flew all the way to our hands! Haha. :p

According to the guy, this almond pastry is stupendously popular over in Macau and it costs something like RM14, after conversion. Not too bad considering the fact that we've never seen any almond pastries that look anything like it.

The pastry looked very much like those nougats from Australia, really. These tiny finger sized pastries are topped with thin slices of almond, all shaped like the "kuaci". And the whole pastry is beautifully layered with many thin layers atop one another. Very original indeed... *grins*

The taste is not too sweet, not like what you'd usually expect from all these cookies or pastries. Which can be a good thing to avoid diabetes but not too good if you've got a sweet tongue. But the texture is pretty nice to bite on, really. Many thanks to the beautiful crispy layers! Yummm... :p

Thanks for the gift, buddy! At least we know that you still thought about us while you were holidaying all the way in Macau. :p