Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Genki Sushi at Suria KLCC

With Superhero S feeling sickly yesterday, Superhero W decided to bring her for some yummylicious Japanese foodie at Suria KLCC. Haha. A little good foodie a day, goes a long long way to pamper the girl (and tummy!) :p

So the two superheroes were off to KLCC to indulge in Genki Sushi, the Japanese fast food chain a la Sakae Sushi and Sushi King with the conveyor belt style. Superhero S immediately sparkled when she saw the belt full of moving assorted sushis. OH... my heaven! Haha. *grins*

We both shared a Kaki Aage Udon which is a 100% vegetarian Udon. Yup, no tempura, no chicky bits unlike Superhero S's favourite Nabeyaki Udon at Sushi Zen. This time around, we just preferred to have something less stimulating than the Nabeyaki. Haha. Something mild will do. :p

While waiting for the Udon to arrive, we feasted on the assorted sushis on the belt. Superhero W immediately caught eye of his favourite Inari or sweet beancurd and took it off the belt onto our table. Hwah. You guys never saw how fast his hands were. I just turned my head to the right and left again, the table is already full with 4 dishes. Superpower hands. *wink*

Drool, baby drool...

What we love about Genki is the relatively large portion of their sushis. Though just slightly more pricier (by RM0.10) than Sakae's, with the cheapest at RM2, then RM4 and finally RM6, the portion of the sushi is definitely larger. The Inari in particular, was packed with rice!! OMG. So filling.

And of course, the self-service green tea powder. Drink all you want. It's all yours! Haha. :p

Since we weren't as hungry as we were when eating Sakae Sushi at Bangsar Village II, we didn't order that much. Learnt not to be greedy to avoid feeling like the tummy's gonna burst!

Overall, it's a pretty satisfying experience at Genki. Reasonably priced, large portion and nice ambience. Even their wasabi is very keng. Got stung twice by the wasabi. *sweats*. But we'll definitely be back! Or maybe we should try out Nippon Tei right next door to Genki uh? Anyone tried Nippon Tei before?? :p


hcfoo said...

Genki Sushi going to close down their business soon.

Xanydude said...

A nice hot bowl of steaming udon and tonnes of Wasabi should do the trick.

Here's a tip, if your nose is all blocked up and you want to clear your sinuses, get an ice cream scooper.

Now scoop 1 scoop of wasabi into a large ball and put it on an ice cream cone.

And enjoy! You'll be crying your way back to good health in NO TIME!

babe_kl said...

i like genki cos if use citibank card got discount :p hehehe

you guys must try nippon tei. they're consistently good


twosuperheroes said...

Hi hcfoo, yakah?? but their business is so good! We had to wait to get a seat..

Yo dude, hwah. THAT is suicide lah! Haha. I won't be seen alive after that for sure! :p

Hey babe, haha. Yalor, 20% disc rite?? Superhero S used her Jusco card and got 10% disc as well. Oh yeah, you've tried Nippon Tei heh. Will check out your review. :p

hcfoo said...

Yea going to close their business soon. Got some inside source.

coolku said...

Is Genki Sushi better then Sushi King? i never have it before.

twosuperheroes said...

hcfoo, wah...that would be a pity huh if they do close down. The food's not bad. :(

coolku, well...I haven't eaten Sushi King in a long long time because the last time I ate it, it wasn't as good as before. So, been trying out Sakae, Genki and Sushi Zen since. They are much much better! :p