Monday, April 7, 2008

5 things you should know about Taxi Drivers in KL

Because it is SO often that Superhero W moves around meeting Superhero S for lunch using taxis, this is me bringing you tips on the 5 things you should know about Taxi Drivers in KL.

1) Back seat? OR front seat?

When you decide to sit at the front seat right beside the driver, it's a cue to the driver that you are open for chats. BUT if in actual fact you are in a foul mood and don't wish to have people talking to you, just sit down at back, avoid all eye contact, mumble your destination and zip up. Let's hope the driver gets the hint.

2) Bring a map or an address

PLEASE bring an address of the place you want to go if you are not sure where it is. Even if you know where is the place, try not to sleep or get busy with your PDA and let the driver find his own way there. Guide him so that you won't have to pay extra bucks if the driver decides to rip you off with a long route.

3) If you want to talk, test the taxi driver first

Even taxi drivers have got their own moods. Perhaps the customer before you pissed him off badly, or that he is so hungry, you'll never know. So, it would be good to test their mood first with simple ice-breakers like, "Wah, so hot huh today?"

Make sure you pause and listen for the reply before you start yakking away. If he answers, "mm hmm.." and drops silent, it's not such a good idea to talk. BUT if he answers something like, "Yup, so hot lah nowadays. Yesterday also hot like this, but in the evening sure will rain one", then it's a GREEN light to chat.

4) Always monitor the taxi meter

Remember to keep your eyes on that meter to avoid getting cheated by the driver. Some drivers may want to take advantage of you when you loosen up and start getting all chattery with him.

5) Pay with small notes

The taxi drivers don't always have a small change. So you can forget about paying using the RM50 note or even the RM100 note for a RM5 trip. Unless you're feeling all charitable and mention "keep the change", they will not let you go. Otherwise, you will have to get ready to sleep in the taxi lah. Heehhehe.

Hope it helps!


KaV said...

aaah yes... the malaysian taxi... u forgot to include another thing: malaysian taxi drivers think tat they know how to run the government better... just give 'em the cue and off they go about chattering about who shud do this and that...

twosuperheroes said...

hehehe.. oh u pun sudah kena ka? hehhee.. em, those will go into my second post, maybe later this week.. hehehe.. still doing some compilation..

kav, they always said :- they are the "Duta Kecil" for Malaysia.. must "respect" them. hehehhe