Thursday, May 29, 2008

We got cheated by Jusco Supermarket!

We DESPISE people, or rather places that cheat people.

And we never thought that Jusco Supermarket could've been one of them. How could they be? For a start, JUSCO is not just any other store, it's JUSCO! They portray themselves to be this friendly gigantic family store but turned out to be some losers in disguise no thanks to some uneducated staff.

We're telling our story so that everyone else can be more aware of the price labels when they are grocery-shopping here. In the first place, we couldn't even be bothered to shop at Jusco Supermarket if it weren't for the convenience of its location rather than quality. I'd root for Tesco anytime!

But after this most recent incident, no more JUSCO for us. BANNED! Tada lagi. Mou choh.
So how did this whole grocery-shopping thing evolved into something so interesting and dramatic for the two superheroes? Remember, Superhero S can be quite a drama queen when the time is due.

Both of us had just finished watching Indiana Jones & The Crystal Skull Kingdom when we decided to go shopping for some fresh veges and some fishys to cook later on. But somewhere, somehow, someone just had to ruin our beautiful day. Oh btw, the movie was good! Haha. Indy! Probably not as great as Iron Man, but who cares? It's Indiana Jones! *grins*

Okay okay...let's not get side-tracked here. Haha. So Superhero S bought a bunch of Bayam Hijau (Green Spinach) which didn't have a price tag on it. But based on previous experience of shopping at Jusco Supermarket, the fresh leafy vegetables are usually priced at a fixed RM0.60 unless stated otherwise. And besides, I just bought one bunch a few days back!

Superhero W went over to the weighing counter to get the staff to print a price tag for the bayam, but the staff just brushed him off and said in a nonchalant way that it isn't necessary, that we did not have to weigh the bayam...bla bla bla... Okay fine. So after getting our fishy, we headed over to the payment counter.

Some intern staff or temp decided to make life difficult for both herself and mine, when she suddenly sashayed over to the vege station to get the pricing for the bayam. Before I could tell the girl to stop, she sped off hurriedly in a blur manner. Great. Now we had to stand there like a pair of guilty idiots while the queue started building behind us.

She went over here and there, here and there, HERE AND THERE, got some assistance from the very lady who told us we didn't have to weigh the bayam, and then somehow they managed to grab some price tag stating "Kailan Heart" from god knows where and pasted onto my bayam. When she returned, the cashier immediately screened the price tag and entered the amount into my receipt. It read RM1.20.

How come it's RM1.20? I told the girl, that the board there reads "FRESH LEAFY VEGETABLES. Bayam Hijau. RM0.60. So why are you charging me RM1.20?" The girl started to panic and ran over to the vege station where I showed her the board. And I told her, " You look at this vege, if this isn't bayam hijau then tell me what it is?!" (Translated from Malay)

She panicked and called to the lady at the weighing counter where they exchanged some incomprehensible screams over entire the vege station. What does she think she's doing? You want some drama? Bring it on! And suddenly, the girl grabbed a small bunch of bayam from a different location with a price tag on it that read, "RM1.20".

I was shocked. My god. What a cheater!

CHEATER! The board read RM0.60 and this girl suddenly came out with a bunch from nowhere that read RM1.20! I know it's only RM0.60 we're talking about here but that's not the point. The point here is that these people are untruthful to their customers. What the hell?!

A pack of trouble...

This one bad experience totally marred our entire impression of JUSCO altogether. Next time, I'd rather have Superhero W drive a little further to Tesco Ampang than to get cheated again at Jusco Supermarket at Midvalley. Such a disappointment!


babe_kl said...

my dears,

lesson #1: always take something dat has the bar code on them, else it will take them ages to walk about to get something for their reader to scan thru.

lesson #2: it doesnt matter which supermart or hypermart, all of them have problems with their tagging. always watch the price when they scan yr goods. a lot of times the prices could be higher than indicated on the shelves! i baru kena from Tesco ok.

Paris said...

Goodness! I've only ever had good experiences at Jusco though (Granted I go to the one in Midvalley) but I'd be POed too if I were in your shoes. BTW why didn't you just toss it back to them?
Pink Parisian -

Yep, I upgraded my url ;) See ya round.

L'abeille said...

Oh dear, I'm so sorry to hear about your bad experience shopping at Jusco.

We don't really shop at such places... wet market is still the best place to source for fresh and cheap meat and vege.

twosuperheroes said...

Hi babe, NOW we know...learnt our lesson the hard way....Will definitely avoid those items without bar codes from now on.. :(

Hi paris, haha..I was thinking about tossing it back to them too, but when I stood there for a moment to think again. Nah, I don't wanna hang around there any longer to face those incompetent staff and waste my time. Btw, I couldn't access to your website lah...the new URL..

Auntie L'abeille, but wet market no air-con... Hahah.. :p

Jen's Place said...

Hi Superheroes,
Supermkt and hypermkt is notorious for doing things like that. They will place similar looking items very close together but definitely of different price due to different brand. Learned the lesson a few times already. The last time was we went to Giant, they have this cherry tomatoes for sale at RM2.99 per box. And when I bring a box to counter, it scanned RM3.59. I pointed it out to the cashier and the cashier actually have the gall to ask if I want to wait while they check. Geez...I thought the honor the lower price item. Anyway, after carefully looking the next time I went there, I discovered that the one I took was organic more expensive type and the one on sale is the local variety...

To make matter worse, technically, they are not at wrong because they have written down exactly what is for sale. But to me, it is purposely trying to deceive the consumer because most people will do what you did, just forget it and buy anyways. hehehehe...

So, I learned my lesson lor. I will always check the brand that they say is on sale.

dcyk said...

haih is like that de la, i always purposely find the stuff which they priced wrongly though :P

then can argue, carrefour once gave me the item and the money back for a wrong pricing on their side.

anyhow talking about deceiving ppl, try seeing a 18.99 over a stack of 2kg Milo, the fine print on the 18.99 is for a different brand of cocoa