Thursday, June 19, 2008

Ipoh Hor Fun at Restaurant Hiap Lip, Malacca

Restaurant Hiap Lip in Ujong Pasir, Malacca is my Superhero Mum's official hang out spot every single morning when she and her gang of aunties would gather after their morning tai-chi session and have their routine breakfast and regular dose of gossiping. Haha. And that has inevitably turned this place into one of our most familiar foodie place in Malacca. :p

Every single time the two superheroes return home to Malacca, they will never fail to go there (or rather, my Superhero Mum would never fail to bring us over there...!) for breakfast or lunch. This is also the very place where we have feasted on the best Chicken Rice Balls around. You should really try their balls! Haha.

But usually, if we were to make our way there in the morning, we would settle for our Ipoh Hor Fun, dried version. Cannot seem to stomach rice balls in the morning when the tummy has just woken up! And over here in Malacca, I don't go for the soupie version like I usually do in KL because the dried one is much better. But if you insist on being on the healthier side, go for the soupie one. *grins*

So this was our order for the day...

Drool, baby...drool!
Now, there's the Bean Sprouts...

Our regular order, the 10 fish balls (if you can take porky, go for their meat balls! Much more yummy!)

Our Roasted Chicken Meat... Apparently, Superhero Mum specifically ordered for the shop owner to give us only the smooth meat near the thigh and drumstick! Ahhh.... such indulgence! Haha. :p

And of course, not forgetting... the Dry Hor Fun with the superb accompanying sambal. The best thing about this dried version is probably the sambal. Goes really well with the hor fun!

The entire meal costs us only RM13. Cheap huh? Now that everything is getting more expensive, it's really nice and comforting to find cheap, delicious food... Yum yum! :p


QuaChee said...

sounds like a good place for makan - didnt know it existed hehe

twosuperheroes said...

Haha..yeah, you should try the food there, quachee. Hope you'll like it! :p