Thursday, February 28, 2008

We love the food at Tasty Recipe Chinese restaurant

The two superheroes headed over to Tasty Recipe at Taman Danau Desa for a nice brunch last weekend. Since it was officially a Sunday, Superhero S decided not to cook and suggested for the two of them to go munch in this Chinese restaurant near home sweet home.

Recommended by my good friend, Winnie...I know the food there must be good. Just what we needed for a nice relaxing meal on a slow weekend. We arrived to a nice windy air-conditioned restaurant and there were only few customers around since it was way too early for lunch. Good. No need to wait... :p

Tasty Recipe is located in this Taman Danau Desa area of shoplots and enjoys relatively good business. The boss is really friendly and helpful, and it's really okay to double park in front of the shop because finding a car park depends a whole lot on your luck for the day. Just tell the boss where you've parked your car and he'll keep a lookout for you.

So back to the food then. Superhero W ordered their Kung Po Chicken (RM7.90) which comes with rice, while Superhero S ordered the Fried Loh Shu Fun with Minced Meat (RM6+). We called for them to add-on 2 fried eggs for us.

Kung Po Chicken with Rice

Fried Loh Shu Fun with Minced Meat

Nice eh? The serving is huge, so the food is really worth the price tag. The Kung Po Chicken is nicely done with lotsa chicken, green capsicum and cashew nuts. While the Fried Loh Shu Fun is simply out of the world! One can truely feel the egg bits in it and it's just so beautifully fried! Yum yum... :p

For drinks, Superhero W had Cincau, since he's quite heaty right now... and desperately needs to cool down. Haha. And Superhero S ordered their signature Iced Soda Ribena Lemon (or at least that's what I think it sounds like...! *grins*), which is actually Ribena mixed with some Soda drink, added with a piece of lemon. Tastes a lot like a flavour out of Spritzer Pop.

Great meal, and I'm definitely coming back for their Loh Shu Fun again since it's right next to home! :p

P/S: If you need a map to get to Tasty Recipe, head over to KYspeaks. He recently featured Cafe Libre which is just right opposite Tasty Recipe. Check out his nicely hand-drawn map! Haha... :p


dcyk said...

nice mebe will try to go test this place out

twosuperheroes said...

hey dcyk, you live just like 5 minutes should come and try this..Remember to tell us what you think okay. Haha.. :p

dcyk said...

try liao last nite, hahaha, yong chau fried lice and the same fried lou shu fun as you.

I must agree, the lou shu fun is good and nice, the fried rice is a bit bland though. The portions are huge, good and huge, price is ok for such big portions.

You tried the other chinese restaurant, the one in the corner lot behind guardian? I think yuen loke is the name, the food is quite good too.

twosuperheroes said...

Hey dcyk...wah, you're really efficient eh! haha..Glad you liked the Loh Shu Fun. Yummy eh?!

Oh..the other Chinese restaurant eh. We've not tried that one though..What's the specialty in that restaurant?

dcyk said...

ehh that restaurant more like those 'tai chou' restaurant, but we've had some fried rice and noodles there not bad price definately cheaper than this tasty recipi. but don't have those special drinks lo like the ribena soda lemon thingy :) that one only can find in HK restaurants most of the time

twosuperheroes said...

Hey dcyk...yeah, I'm sure the price is definitely cheaper than Tasty Recipe. Well, paying more for the ambience mahh...haha..But will try to head over there and sample their menu! :p